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Great Whisky Bars of the World

Great Whisky Bars of the World


Issue 150 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 150

World's best 2018 - Rosebank - Music - Lot 40 - Royal Drams


There is nothing like a great bar! It is one of the great joys in life to find a place to drop in, have a drink, meet with friends and relax. Generally the bar should be a focus of good times and great memories. There is an old saying in the United Kingdom that the pub should be one of the centres of the community, but as the whisky buzz spreads around the world the notion of a pub has morphed as well. Your local maybe a bar in a hotel or even a restaurant; but to be a truly great bar it has to have that buzz, atmosphere and pulling power.

There is also the subjective realms of feel and ambience. You may feel comfortable in a traditional whisky bar, in say a rural setting, but the next drinker may feel at home in the slick low-lit hotel bars of the big cities. From the moment you walk in you have to feel at home, comfy, certainly not intimidated. Staff should be well trained and well versed in the offerings from behind the bar, be it food or alcohol. A knowledgeable bartender is a godsend. This is the frontline, the first contact with you, whether a beginner or aficionado.

The staff must respond with knowledge to the question “which whisky would you recommend”; they must display evidence of having been trained in the knowledge of whisky. This person makes or breaks a good bar.

So this little guide is a listing of all the bars in the world that have been recommended to us by you, the reader, and we hope you can find the time to visit them when you are in town. This is by no means an exhaustive list but these are the ones you shouldn't miss. If we have omitted any then please let us know, click here. There has never been a better time to explore some amazing places to drink.


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