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Forty Creek Distillery Ltd

297 South Service Road , Grimsby, ON, L3M 1Y6, Canada
Tel: +1 905 945 9225
Fax: +1 416 777 6300

Whiskies (9)

Forty Creek Barrel Reserve
Blended - Canada - 40.00%
7 A gentle dram. Soft and rich. Soothes your worries away.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Forty Creek Barrel Select
Blended - Canada - 40.00%
8 The richest-tasting Canadian whisky I have tasted. Wins points for luxury.

Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve
Blended - Canada - 40.00%
4 Stylish. Though the oak has a big say, the spirit is holding its own well.

Forty Creek Evolution
Blended - Canada - 43.00%
7 It feels like a moderately aged grain whisky which has succumbed to the oak.

Forty Creek Heart Of Gold
Blended - Canada - 43.00%
8 I loved this for the subtle and delicious flavours. Masterly

Forty Creek John K Hall Double Barrel
Blended - Canada - 40.00%
6 Not working for me.

Forty Creek John K Hall Small Batch Reserve
Blended - Canada - 40.00%
7 Interesting nose but the palate does not quite fulfil the expectations. Oak speaks too loud at times.

Forty Creek John's Private Cask
Single Grain - U.S.A. - 40.00%
7 Interesting contrast between nose and palate.

Forty Creek Three Grain
Blended - Canada - 40.00%
7 In palate, the closer of the two to the Canadian tradition. Wins points for that attribute. I could drink quite a few of these.

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