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The Famous Grouse Experience

Glenturret Distillery, The Hosh , Crieff, Perthshire, PH7 5TL, Scotland
Tel: +44 1764 656 565
Fax: +44 1764 654 366

Articles (25)

100 Greatest Distilleries to Visit
Our team of writers around the world give you the distilleries you should visit.

December 2011, Issue 100, page 30

A Highland affair
Caroline Dewar takes a stroll through whisky's heartland

July 2006, Issue 57, page 37

A matter of art in a glass
What makes a great blend,and why do the biggest brands command such loyalty? Ian Buxton reports

October 2005, Issue 51, page 22

A special corner (South and East Highlands)
The region known as The Highlands covers a huge and disparate area. So in this area we focus just on the South and East part of the region

July 2007, Issue 65, page 36

A world in motion
The whisky industry seems to be rising to the challenge of attracting new drinkers while keeping the experts happy says Dominic Roskrow

June 2006, Issue 56, page 5

Bird Watching (Glenturret)
Ruffling a few feathers? The Whisky Magazine Mystery Visitor tries out the Famous Grouse Experience

September 2003, Issue 33, page 24

Bookcase Focus
Recently published whisky related books

January 2016, Issue 133, page 77

Crossing the lines
If you fancy visiting some unusual distilleries,why not base yourself in a town and take in the tourist sites too? Here we pick four base camps

July 2008, Issue 73, page 38

Exploring the Highlands
In the latest in our series on places to visit we look at some of the lesser known distilleries in Eastern Scotland.

July 2009, Issue 81, page 38

Famous Grouse Experience
Glenturret expands the knowlege bank of whisky

April 2015, Issue 127, page 6

Harris Distillery
The Social Distillery is opened by the people of Harris

October 2015, Issue 131, page 6

It's All About The Kit
The dying art of rousing

April 2016, Issue 135, page 52

It's School time
You may think you've had enough of classrooms and teachers, but what about a new learning experience - a whisky school?

September 2008, Issue 74, page 48

It's That Time Of Year
Give someone special a whisky inspired gift

December 2016, Issue 140, page 46

On the up
Is grain whisky on the verge of an exciting new era? Ian Wisniewski finds out.

November 2008, Issue 76, page 28

One for the tourists... (Tullibardine)
Tullibardine is a distillery crossed with a shopping centre. Can it keep whisky fans happy without alienating the general public? Our man had a look

March 2005, Issue 46, page 42

Road tripping whisky
We catch up with the team as they complete their journey and blend.

October 2009, Issue 83, page 12

Scotland in Autumn
A very worthwhile trip to Speyside and Highland regions

December 2015, Issue 132, page 3

Spirit of inspiration
Martine Nouet introduces two superb whisky recipes courtesy of innovators from the famous grouse experience and trhe Macallan

November 2002, Issue 27, page 52

Stepping into Heaven
Louisville's Heaven Hill have taken visitor centres in to a new dimension. Charles K. Cowdery went to the opening

January 2005, Issue 45, page 52

The best of blends
Is a passion for blends on the rise? Ian Wisniewski looks at what is being done to promote blended Scotch.

October 2006, Issue 59, page 21

The Southern Highlands
Gavin D. Smith embarks on a whisky trail through Perth and its environs

September 2015, Issue 130, page 14

Top Ten Scottish Distillery Visitor Centres
A selection of the very best from The Orkneys to The Lowlands

June 2016, Issue 136, page 36

Vote for your whisky favourites
Icons of whisky is the new name for our annual awards. And this year we're introducing the radical step of letting you do the voting 2004

February 2004, Issue 37, page 20

Wood Makes the Whisky
Gordon & MacPhail showcase their philosophy

December 2015, Issue 132, page 6

Whiskies (18)

Famous Grouse
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
7 Creates the illusion of being massively more malty than it really is. Very good extraction of flavours from the wood seems to be the secret (or part of it). I am in awe of the dexterity of the blender...

Famous Grouse 12 Years Old
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
A big-boned dram for those markets who want things sweet.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Famous Grouse 1987 Vintage Malt Whisky
Blended Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 The Grouse at its most graceful.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Famous Grouse 1989 Vintage Malt
Blended Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 The Grouse enthusiast who tastes this vatted version will be seduced by it. The aromas and flavours suggest malts from the company's own distilleries – and perhaps a little more Highland Park than l...

Famous Grouse Cask Strength
Blended - Scotland - 56.00%
8 Like the regular Grouse, it tastes maltier and bigger than it really is. An excellent justification of cask strength.

Famous Grouse Celebratory Blend
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
7 A decent addition to the Famous Grouse flight.

Famous Grouse Finest
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
7 A beautifully mingled aromatic palette. But this whisky would have delivered more character if bottled at a higher strength.

Famous Grouse Gold Reserve
Blended - Scotland - 43.00%
8 A superb job of blending. When I tasted this whisky on its own, I thought it was good, but not especially distinctive. Tasted among its competitors, it was one of the standouts.

Famous Grouse Islay Cask Finish
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
8 To reconcile the style of the regular Grouse with Islay is an achievement, but a dubious one. Grouse has a powerful franchise, but Highland already has an Islay-accented blend in the excellent Black B...

Famous Grouse Port Wood Finish
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
7 Port wood can add toffeeish and spicy flavours, rounding out a whisky without adding an obvious wine flavour. That is what happens here.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Famous Grouse Scottish Oak
Blended - Scotland - 45.00%
7 Seamlessly put together. Best drunk neat.

The Black Grouse
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
Integrated and balanced.

The Black Grouse
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
7 Can't help thinking that bottling at 43 would provide the richness it needs in the middle.

The Black Grouse Alpha Edition
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
7 This whisky lacks character. Sweet and floppy. The nose lead me to expect more consistency.

The Famous Grouse
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
This is a subtle and clever blend.

The Famous Grouse 16 Years Old
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
8 Deceptively simple. Very easy drinking whisky

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

The Famous Grouse Blended Malt 37 Years Old
Blended Malt - Scotland - 47.60%
8 If this is John Ramsay's last blend then what a way to go. Masterly. The slow ever-changing multifaceted style is blending at its very best.

World Whiskies Design Awards 2012 - Best Bottle - Winner

The Naked Grouse
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
Powerful, individual and bold. The power of the oak is balanced by the richness of the fruit.

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