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Ardbeg vs Lagavulin vs Laphroaig

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Ardbeg vs Lagavulin vs Laphroaig

Poll ended at Sat Nov 19, 2005 4:31 am

Total votes : 41

Re: Ardbeg vs Lagavulin vs Laphroaig

Postby pkt77242 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:15 am

Nu2Whisky wrote:This is most excellent news for me. I did not know that these where the top peaty/smoky (islay) tastes that I've come to like.
Literally back today after buying the Laga 16, asked for the Ardbeg but no stock. Already had bought the Laph QC mistakely thinking it was CS.
Anyway, I will definately get the Ardbeg this week sometime. And I promise it will be my last whisky purchase for some time. Promise wifey :twisted:

When I started this journey just over 2 years back, I bought a Bells. which I had to mix, then a Jameson, which I had to mix, then a JW Gold & a Glenfiddich 12YO which where ok.
Also bought a JW Blue during that time - it was nearly 50% off its regular price range.
Then I got into wanting the whisky to taste "nice" - to me that meant sweetish and tasty.
I then realised this was getting expensive so I bought a Three Ships 5YO local South African whisky. Though I mixed, I had this whisky during a cold winter with snow abound in a mountain chalet around a fire and I enjoyed it. Those friends I told this experience to just shook their heads at me and said this was college cheap a$$ stuff. What snuck in though, that I only realise now - WAS THAT SMOKY EXPERIENCE.
After that I got a GlenMo and HP 12YO and enjoyed them, esp the HP (bought three times since). Got an HP18YO that I just cracked the other night.
Then I got a Laph and Tali 200ml set (10,DE,18) about a month or so ago and that smokyness was experienced again (ok, yes a little taken aback at my first medicinal Laph dram but who wasn't? - i like it now). Then last night, I tasted the Laga 16YO and Ardbeg. Promptly went out to buy them today. Got the Laga, have to wait for the Ardbeg.
Also bought a Caol Ila 12YO. Im sure that will be interesting as well.

And its Winter again - im so excited :iwbrnt: <--- I know the acronym is "it would be rude not to" but everytime I see this my dyslexic self interprets it as " I want, bring it"

But yeah, thats my experience in a nutshell.

With Caol Ila, Lagavulin and Ardbeg you should be set for the winter.
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