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Bowmore Darkest

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Bowmore Darkest

Postby williammackinnon » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:11 pm

I sampled a dram of this stuff last Saturday at my local whisky bar.

It was highlighted as "Malt of the Month", so was available for a cheaper price than usual.

However, if I had tasted it blind, I would probably have put it down as a blend!

It DID have peatiness, but I don't recall much else about it. Pretty unremarkable. However, I never hold a grudge against a whisky, and am always willing to give it another go (or 2!).

Anyone else out there tried this particular one? I think it's a 10 year old, is that right?
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Postby hpulley » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:19 pm

It is a teenager, probably spends 10-12 years in bourbon casks then 2-3 more in sherry.

It used to be great stuff, then was terrible stuff and now is OK but not great. Too bad really...

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Bowmore Darkest

Postby williammackinnon » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:29 pm

Thanks for the reply.

Always good to know that other people agree with me on something!
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Postby richard » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:34 pm

not overly keen on it try the 17 year old or the one that came in the ceramic with the dragon i think a 25 year old very nice
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Postby Admiral » Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:57 am


I could well be wrong (nothing new! :wink: ) but I thought the Darkest was matured entirely in first-fill sherry, rather than just finished in sherry?

William....I don't mind it as a dram - it's not a great Bowmore, but it's a good enough Islay whisky. If anything, the sherry is just out of balance - it adds a sharp, separate sweetness, rather than just sitting integrated with the malt.

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Postby WestVanDave » Thu Dec 09, 2004 7:26 am

Hi Admiral - my understanding - as provided by Fergus Hartley of Morrrison Bowmore, is that the Darkest is in fact a "finish" and that it does spend the initial years in bourbon casks (12 years being my recollection, but on the exact count I could be wrong) - followed by 2 years in sherry casks... (Oloroso butts, according to David Stirk).

Cheers, Dave.
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Postby hpulley » Thu Dec 09, 2004 12:49 pm

The back of the cardboard tube says (and they're _never_ wrong ;) ), "The unique charm of the Bowmore Darkest malt whisky has been increased by further maturation in carefully hand selected oak sherry casks." So its either a bourbon cask main maturation which is sherry finished or a sherry cask main maturation which is re-racked into fresh sherry casks which one could almost believe, given the colour though it is mostly from E150, I think.

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Postby Admiral » Thu Dec 09, 2004 1:48 pm

Harry - your suspicion about the E150 is almost sure to be correct.....Bowmore is on the list of OB's that add caramel. :(

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Postby Deactivated Member » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:01 pm

That was well known about adding E150 Admiral, for years now. Lot of distilleries make no secret about it, simply because they have to state this on the bottle in some countries for example in Germany...

I personally would say leave the color as it is, it brings a certain natural charm to it. But the group of drinkers who choose this form are still to small for the producers to say: we stop the coloring. :)

That's why Bowmore has a nice dark tan, the same goes for HP aswell and many others.

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Postby Admiral » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:07 pm

Yeah, I know. A colleague compiled a list for me of all the malts that had caramel listed on their label because the law in his neighbouring country (Sweden, I think) required such additives to be stated. His list (which is now a few years old) was:

Aberlour 15 Years Sherry Wood Finish
Bowmore 12 Years
Bowmore Dusk
Cragganmore 12 Years
Dalwhinnie 15 Years
Glen Scotia 14 Years
Glendronach 15 Years
Glenfiddich 12 Years
Glenfiddich Havana Reserve 21 Years
Glenkinchie 10 Years
Highland Park 12 Years
Inchmurrin 10 Years Old
Isle of Jura 10 Years
Isle of Jura 16 Years
Isle of Jura 21 Years
Lagavulin 16 Years
Laphroaig 15 Years
Littlemill 8 Years
Loch Lomond
Old Rhosdhu 5 Years Old
Speyside 10 Years
Talisker 10 Years

Pity......there's a few distinguished names there. :(

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Postby Deactivated Member » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:16 pm

Wheather it is Bowmore or Highland Park it all comes to the same thing: creating a uniform line of whisky's. And the meaning is to feast the eye a little bit, attractive looks etc.

Erik :(
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Postby hpulley » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:23 pm

The sad thing is, while the taste/nose of Bowmore Darkest has been completely inconsistent over the past 5 years or so, the colour has remained very constant. If only they had the same quality control on the whisky as they do on the E150...

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Postby Deactivated Member » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:26 pm

You got a good point there Harry. I wish they did. But as for some producers who uses sherry casks I think that the Bowmore suffers the same problems due to lower production of the sherry industry.

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Postby Tom » Thu Dec 09, 2004 6:23 pm

Hey Admiral, i wanted to thank you for the list, i been wondering a long time wich distillerys added caramel. you know where to find an up to date list?
im mighty suprised about the laph 15, but indeed it is dark for a 15Y old dram on bourbon barrels, all the same a excellent dram.
thanks, Tom
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Postby Admiral » Fri Dec 10, 2004 3:51 am


The Laphroaig 15 you mention is a great example. I got a very real demonstration of how widespread and effective caramel can be at an SMWS evening just less than 2 years ago.

The Society had bottled a 21 year old Ardbeg. The cask was an ex-bourbon barrel from the USA.

21 years in the wood, yet this was the palest whisky I had ever seen! Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've seen anything as pale since!!!

(And just for the record, it was also an absolutely sensational Ardbeg!!)

I just looked through that list again and noticed that all six of the Classic Malts are there. :( Hmmpphh.

I think I've got a reference to a website somewhere at home that might have more up-to-date information. I'll check this out and post it here if I can find the site.

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Postby Lawrence » Sat Dec 11, 2004 1:46 am

Here is a list of colored and uncolored malts, read them and weep:

Artificially Coloured Malts

Aberfeldy 40%
Aberfeldy 1977/1997 (Conn.) 40%
Aberfeldy 1978/(1997) (Conn.) 40%
Aberlour 40%
Aberlour 43%
Aberlour 100, 57,1%
Aberlour A'Bunadh 59,9%
Aberlour Antique 43%
Aberlour Cuvée Marie d'Écosse 43%
Allt-a-Bhainne (MacA.) 43%
An Cnoc 40%
Ardbeg 40%
Ardbeg 1975/1999, Cask No.: 4702 45,2%
Ardbeg 1975/2000 (DL) 50%
Ardbeg 1975/2000 43%
Ardbeg 1975/2001 58%
Ardbeg 1978/1999 (SP) 40%
Ardbeg 1978/2000 (Cask 1999 + 2000) (SP) 56,9% * #
Ardbeg 1978/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Ardbeg 1990/2001 (Conn.) 40%
Ardbeg 1990/2001 (Spirit of Scotland) (SP) 50%
Ardbeg 1991/2000 (Wilson & Morgan) 46%
Ardbeg 40%
Ardbeg Provenance 1974 55,6%
Ardmore 1986 43%
Arran Malt 1995/2002 Cask Strength (Sherry Cask) 56,2%
Auchentoshan (?) MacLeod's Single Lowland Malt 40%
Auchentoshan (?) Vintage Lowland Malt (Sig.) 40%
Auchentoshan 43%
Auchentoshan 40%
Auchentoshan 1965 49,2%
Auchentoshan 1966/1997 43,3%
Auchentoshan 1973 43%
Auchentoshan 1978 58,8%
Auchentoshan 43%
Auchentoshan Select 40%
Auchentoshan Three Wood 40%
Auchroisk (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Auchroisk 1989/2001 Chieftain's (port finish) (MacLeod) 43%
Balblair (G&M) 40%
Balblair 40%
Balblair 1964/1999 (G&M) 40%
Balblair 1969 46%
Balblair 40%
Balblair Elements 40%
Balmenach - Deerstalker 40%
Balmenach (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Balmenach 1973/1995 (Conn.) 40 %
Balmenach 1974 (Conn.) 40%
Balmenach 1983 (Whyte & Whyte) 43%
Balmenach 1987/1998 (Conn.) 40%
Balvenie 1966/1998 42,1%
Balvenie Double Wood 40%
Balvenie Founders Reserve 40%
Balvenie Port Wood Finish 40%
Balvenie Single Barrel 50,4%
Banff 1974/1998 (Conn.) 40%
Ben Nevis 46%
Ben Nevis 1966/2000 49,8%
Benriach 43%
Benriach 1981/1997 (Conn.) 40%
Benrinnes (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Benrinnes 1972/1995 (Conn.) 40%
Benrinnes 1978/1995 (Centenary Reserve) (G&M) 43%
Benrinnes 1988/1997 (Conn.) 40%
Benromach 40%
Benromach 1972/1995 (Conn.) 40%
Benromach 1976 (HB) 43%
Benromach Centenary 43%
Bladnoch (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Bladnoch (MacA.) 43%
Bladnoch 1987/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Bladnoch 1988 (Conn.) 40%
Blair Athol (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Blair Athol Bicentenary 56,7%
Blair Atholl 1989/2000 (McNeill's Choice) 60,2%
Bowmore "Mariner" 43%
Bowmore "Moonlight" 43%
Bowmore "Seadragon" 43%
Bowmore (Metallröhre) 40%
Bowmore 40%
Bowmore 43%
Bowmore 1968(/2001) 45,5%
Bowmore 1980/2001 (Dun Bheagan Collection) 43%
Bowmore 1989/2001 (McNeill's Choice) 58,2%
Bowmore 1990/2001 (Spirit of the Isles) 40%
Bowmore 1991/2001 Chieftain's (bourbon barrel) (MacLeod) 43%
Bowmore 43%
Bowmore Cask Strength 56%
Bowmore Claret 56%
Bowmore Darkest 43%
Bowmore Dawn (Ruby Port Cask Finish) 51,5%
Bowmore Dusk 50%
Bowmore Hip Flask 43%
Bowmore Legend 40%
Bowmore Smoker's Kit 40%
Bowmore Surf, 43%
Bowmore Voyage 56%
Braes of Glenlivet 1977 (HB) 43%
Brora 1982/1997 (Conn.) 40%
Brora 1982/2001 Chieftain's (sherry butt) (MacLeod) 46%
Bruichladdich - Druichan Islay 40%
Bruichladdich - Lochindaal 43%
Bruichladdich (alte Ausstattung) 40%
Bruichladdich 43%
Bruichladdich (Stillman's Dram) 45%
Bruichladdich 1969/2000 (G&M;C) 52,5%
Bruichladdich 1991/2001 (Spirit of the Isles) 40%
Bunnahabhain 40%
Bunnahabhain 1989/1999 (McPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Bunnahabhain 1989/2001 Chieftain's (sherry finish) (MacLeod) 43%
Bunnahabhain 1991/2001 (JW) 9 J. 40%
Caol Ila (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Caol Ila 43%
Caol Ila 1981 (SP) 40%
Caol Ila 1983 (Shieldaig Collection) 43%
Caol Ila 1984/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Caol Ila 1984/2000 (SP) 40%
Caol Ila 1988/2000 Calvados Wood Finish (G&M) 40%
Caol Ila 1988/2000 Claret Wood Finish (G&M) 40%
Caol Ila 1988/2000 Cognac Wood Finish (G&M) 40%
Caol Ila 1988/2001 (Conn.) 40%
Caol Ila 1990/2001 (Dun Bheagan Collection) 43%
Caol Ila 1990/2001 Chieftain's (Hogshed) (MacLeod) 43%
Caol Ila 1991/2002 (Sig.) 46%
Caol Ila Cask Strength 55%
Caperdonich 1968/1995 (Conn.) 40%
Caperdonich 1980/1992 (Conn.) 40%
Cardhu 40%
Clynelish (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Clynelish 1983/2000 (Dun Bheagan Collection) 43%
Clynelish 1989/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Clynelish 1989/2000 (W&M) 46%
Clynelish 1989/2001 (Hedges & Butler) 43%
Coleburn 1972/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Convalmore 1981/1998 (Conn.) 40%
Convalmore 1984 (Ian MacLeod) 43%
Cragganmore 40%
Dailuaine (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Dailuaine 1974/1995 (Conn.) 40%
Dallas Dhu 1979/1999 (G&M) 40%
Dalmore 40%
Dalmore 43%
Dalmore Cigar Malt 43%
Dalwhinnie 15 J. 43%
Dalwhinnie 1985 43%
Deanston 40%
Drumguish 40%
Dufftown (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Dufftown 1979 (Whyte & Whyte) 43%
Edradour 40%
Finlaggan Single Islay Malt 43%
Finlaggan Single Islay Malt 40%
Glen Albyn 1973/1998 (Conn.) 40%
Glen Albyn 1974 (Conn.) 40%
Glen Albyn 1978/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Glen Deveron 1990 40%
Glen Elgin 43%
Glen Elgin 43 %
Glen Elgin 1968/1995 (Conn.) 40%
Glen Esk 1985/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Glen Garioch 43%
Glen Garioch 40%
Glen Garioch 1968 57,7%
Glen Garioch 1970 48,8%
Glen Garioch 1978 59,4%
Glen Garioch 1985 51,9%
Glen Garioch 43%
Glen Garioch 40%
Glen Garioch Highland Tradition 40%
Glen Grant (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 40%
Glen Grant 1948 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1949 (G&M)
Glen Grant 1950 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1951 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1952 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1954 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1956/1996 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1957/1997 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1958/1998 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1960/1995 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1963/1999 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1965/1996 (G&M) 40%
Glen Grant 1978/1998 (W&M) 46%
Glen Grant 40%
Glen Keith 43%
Glen Keith 1967/1997 (Conn.) 40%
Glen Mhor (G&M) 40%
Glen Mhor 1965/2000 (G&M) 40%
Glen Mhor 1979/2001 (G&M) 40%
Glen Moray 40%
Glen Moray (Port Wood Finish) 40%
Glen Moray 40%
Glen Ord 40%
Glen Ord 1983/2001 (Sig.) 58,3% #
Glen Scotia - Vintage Campbeltown Malt (Sig.) 40%
Glen Scotia 40%
Glen Scotia 1990/1999 (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Glen Scotia 1990/2001 (refilled sherry) (Sig.) 43%
Glen Scotia 1991/2001 (Lombard) 50%
Glen Spey 1985/1999 (Cad.) 60,9% * #
Glenallachie 1991/2001 (Sig.) 43% #
Glenburgie (G&M) 40%
Glenburgie 1968 (G&M) 40%
Glencadam (Special Distillery Bottling) 46%
Glencadam 1972 (Silent Stills) (Sig.) 52,5% #
Glencadam 1974/1997 (Conn.) 40%
Glencadam 1987/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Glencraig 1975/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Glendronach 40%
Glendullan (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Glendullan (MacA.) 43%
Glendullan 40%
Glendullan Centenary 62,6%
Glenfarclas - MacLeod's Single Highland Malt 40%
Glenfarclas - Meadhan 40%
Glenfarclas 105 60%
Glenfarclas 1976/1996 43%
Glenfarclas 1988/1999 58,8%
Glenfarclas 2000 46% * #
Glenfarclas 43%
Glenfarclas 40%
Glenfiddich 40%
Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve 40%
Glenfiddich Cask Strength 51%
Glenfiddich Classic 43%
Glenfiddich Millenium Reserve 40%
Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 40%
Glenfiddich 43%
Glenglassaugh 43%
Glenglassaugh 1973 (The Family Silver) 40%
Glenglassaugh 1986/2000 (The MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Glengoyne 40%
Glengoyne 43%
Glengoyne 1972 57,8%
Glengoyne 1984/1998 54,4%
Glengoyne 43%
Glengoyne Scottish Oak Cask Finish 53,5%
Glenkinchie - Jackson Row 40%
Glenkinchie - Jackson Row 40%
Glenkinchie (?) - Kincaple 40%
Glenkinchie 43%
Glenkinchie 1986 43%
Glenlivet (George & J.G. Smith) (G&M) 40%
Glenlivet (George & J.G. Smith) (G&M) 57%
Glenlivet (George & J.G. Smith) (G&M) 40%
Glenlivet 40%
Glenlivet 43%
Glenlivet 1940 (G&M) 40%
Glenlivet 1946/1999 (G&M) 40%
Glenlivet 1948 (G&M) 40%
Glenlivet 1948 (G&M) 40%
Glenlivet 1949 (G&M) 40%
Glenlivet 1965/2000 (G&M) 40%
Glenlivet Archive 43 %
Glenlivet French Oak Finish 40%
Glenlochy 1977/1999 (Conn.) 40%
Glenlossie (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Glenlossie 1974/1999 (Conn.) 40%
Glenmorangie 40%
Glenmorangie 100proof 57,2%
Glenmorangie 40%
Glenmorangie 43%
Glenmorangie 1974/2000 43%
Glenmorangie Cellar 13 (43%
Glenmorangie Madeira Wood Finish 43%
Glenmorangie Madeira Wood Finish 43%
Glenmorangie Malaga Wood Finish 43%
Glenmorangie Millenium Malt (First Filled Casks) 40%
Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish 43%
Glenmorangie Sherry Wood Finish 43%
Glenmorangie Special Reserve 43%
Glenmorangie Traditional 100proof 57,2%
Glenrothes (?) Vintage Highland Malt 40%
Glenrothes (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Glenrothes 1969/1999 (Sam.) 45%
Glentauchers (Special Distillery Bottling) 46%
Glentauchers 1975/1997 (Sig.) 55% #
Glentauchers 1979/1998 (G&M) 40%
Glentromie Single Highland Malt 43%
Glenturret 40%
Glenturret 1988/1998 (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Glenturret 1988/2001 (Sig.) 43% #
Glenturret 1990/2001 Chieftain's (MacLeod) 43%
Glenugie 1968 (G&M) 40%
Glenury Royal 1976/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Highland Park (?) - Vintage Orkney Malt 40%
Highland Park 43%
Highland Park (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Highland Park 40%
Highland Park 43%
Highland Park 1958 44%
Highland Park 1970/2000 (G&M) 40%
Highland Park 1977 40%
Highland Park 1988/2002 (Sig.) 58,4%
Highland Park 1989 (Whisky Galore) 40%
Highland Park 1990/2001 (Spirit of the Isles) 40%
Highland Park 1991/2001 Provenance 43%
Highland Park 53,5%
Imperial (MacA.) 43%
Imperial (Special Distillery Bottling) 46%
Imperial 1975/2000 (JW) 40%
Imperial 1990/2000 (G&M) 40%
Imperial 1990/2000 Calvados Wood Finish (G&M) 40%
Imperial 1990/2000 Claret Wood Finish (G&M) 40%
Imperial 1990/2000 Cognac Wood Finish (G&M) 40%
Inchgower (Flora & Fauna) 14 J. 43%
Inchmurrin 40%
Inchmurrin 1966/1999 40%
Inverleven 1985/2000 (G&M) 40%
Inverleven 1986/2002 (G&M) 40%
Isle of Arran "Robert Burns" 40%
Isle of Arran 60,3%
Isle of Arran 43%
Isle of Jura - The Craignure 40%
Isle of Jura 43%
Isle of Jura (Stillman's Dram) 45%
Isle of Jura 40%
Isle of Jura 1986/1999 (Conn.) 40%
Isle of Jura 1987/2001 (Dun Bheagan Collection) 43%
Isle of Jura 1989/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Isle of Jura 40%
Knockando 1984/1997 43%
Knockando 1988/2000 43%
Knockando 1989/2001 43%
Knockando 1990/2002 43%
Knockando Extra Old Reserve 1977/1999 43%
Knockando Extra Old Reserve 1979/2000 43%
Knockando Master Reserve 1979/2000 43%
Knockdhu 40%
Ladyburn 1973/2000 50,4%
Lagavulin - MacLeods Single Islay Malt 40%
Lagavulin - Vintage Islay Malt (Sig.) 40%
Lagavulin - Vintage Islay Malt Cask Strength (Sig.) 58,4%
Lagavulin (?) - Classic of Islay (Cask 4095) (JW) 58%
Lagavulin 43%
Lagavulin 1984/2001 43%
Laphroaig 42,4%
Laphroaig 40%
Laphroaig 43%
Laphroaig 1979/1999 (Berry Broth. & Rudd) 43%
Laphroaig 43%
Laphroaig Cask Strength 57,3%
Ledaig - Peated Single Malt 42%
Ledaig - Peated Single Malt 42%
Ledaig - Vintage Isle of Mull Malt (Sig.) 40%
Ledaig 43%
Ledaig 1974 43%
Ledaig 1974/2000 (G&M) 40%
Ledaig 1979 43%
Ledaig 1983 40%
Ledaig 1990/1999 (Conn.) 40%
Ledaig 1992/2001 (Spirit of the Isles) 40%
Ledaig 43%
Linkwood (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Linkwood (G&M) 40%
Linkwood (G&M) 40%
Linkwood 1939 (G&M) 40%
Linkwood 1946 (G&M) 40%
Linkwood 1953/2001 (G&M) 40%
Linkwood 1954 (G&M) 40%
Linkwood 1968/1996 (G&M) 40%
Linkwood 1969/1999 (G&M) 40%
Linkwood 1989/2001 (MM) 46%
Linkwood 1990/2000 (Dun Bheagan Collection) 10 J. 43%
Linkwood 1992/2000 (JW)43%
Littlemill 40%
Littlemill 1975/1999 40%
Littlemill 1977/2001 (Sig.) 43% #
Littlemill 1990/2002 (Sig.) 43% #
Loch Lomond 40%
Lochside 1981/1999 (G&M) 40% 1
Lochside 1981/2000 (refilled sherry) (MM) 46%
Longmorn (G&M) 40%
Longmorn (G&M) 40%
Longmorn 45%
Longmorn 1955/1996 (G&M) 40%
Longmorn 1962/2001 (G&M) 40%
Longmorn 1963/1996 (G&M) 40%
Longmorn 1970/1999 (Scott's Selection) 58,4%
Longmorn 1970/2000 (G&M) 40%
Longmorn 1L-Flasche 45%
Longrow 1992/2002 46%
Macallan (Holzkiste) 43%
Macallan 1940/1998 (G&M) 40%
Macallan 1946/1998 43% #
Macallan 1966/2000 (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Macallan 1975/2001 (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Macallan 1981 Gran Reserva 40%
Macallan 1984/2002 43%
Macallan 1988/2001 (McNeill's Choice) 56,2%
Macallan 1989/2001 46%
Macallan 1989/2001 (Whisky Galore) 43%
Macallan 1990/2000 (MM) 46% #
Macallan 1991/2000 (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Macduff 1980/1997 (Conn.) 40%
Mallan 1993/2001 (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Mannochmore (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Millburn (MacA) 43%
Millburn 1974/1998 (Conn.) 40%
Milton Duff 43%
Milton Duff (G&M) 40%
Milton Duff (Special Distillery Bottling) 46%
Milton Duff 43%
Milton Duff 1968/1998 (G&M) 40%
Mortlach (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Mortlach (G&M) 40%
Mortlach (Krug) (Sig.) 43% #
Mortlach 1936 (G&M) 40%
Mortlach 1942 (G&M) 40%
Mortlach 1954 (G&M) 40%
Mortlach 1959/2001 (G&M) 40%
Mortlach 1969/1999 (G&M) 40%
Mortlach 1970/2000 (G&M) 40%
Mortlach 1975/1997 (Sig.) 57,7% #
Mortlach 1988 (MacLeod) 43%
Mortlach 1988/2000 (W&M) 46%
Mortlach 1989/2001 (MM) 46%
Mortlach 1990/2001 (Whisky Galore) 40%
Mosstowie 1979/1999 (Conn.) 40%
Mosstowie 1979/2001 (Conn.) 40%
North Port 1981/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Oban 43%
Oban 1985 43%
Old Fettercairn (Stillman's Dram) 45%
Old Fettercairn 40%
Old Pulteney (G&M) 40%
Old Pulteney (G&M) 40%
Old Pulteney 43%
Old Pulteney 40%
Old Pulteney 1965 (G&M) 40%
Old Pulteney 1966/2001 (G&M) 40%
Old Pulteney 1974 46%
Old Pulteney 1982/1998 59,9%
Old Pulteney Single Cask 59,9%
Old Rhosdhu 1967/1996 40%
Old Rhosdhu 1967/1999 40%
Old Rhosdhu 5 J. 40%
Pittyvaich (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Pittyvaich 1986/2001 (MacLeod) 43%
Port Ellen 1978/2002 (Sig.) 54,3% 1
Port Ellen 1981/1999 (Conn.) 40%
Port Ellen 1982/2001 (Conn.) 40%
Rosebank (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Rosebank 1989/2000 (Conn.) 40%
Rosebank 1991/2001 (MacLeod) 43%
Rosebank 1991/2002 Chieftain's (fino sherry finish) (MacLeod) 43%
Royal Brackla 43%
Royal Brackla 1972/1995 (Conn.) 40%
Royal Brackla 1974/1994 (Conn.) 40%
Royal Lochnagar 40%
Royal Lochnagar 1972/1997 (Rare Malt 1974) 55,7% * #
Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve 43%
Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve 43%
Scapa 12 J. 40%
Scapa 1985/2001 Chieftains (MacLeod) 43% #
Scapa 1989/2000 (G&M) 40%
Speyburn 40%
Speyburn 1971/1992 (Conn.) 40%
Speyburn 1973 46%
Speyburn 1974/2001 (Conn.) 40%
Speyside 40%
Speyside Millenium 1990/1999 40%
Springbank 46%
Springbank 1991/2001 (Lombard) 50%
Springbank 1992/2002 (Sig.) 46%
St. Magdalene 1981/1997 (Conn.) 40%
Strathisla (G&M) 40%
Strathisla (G&M) 40%
Strathisla 43%
Strathisla 1948 (G&M) 40%
Strathisla 1949/1997 (G&M) 40%
Strathisla 1954 (G&M) 40%
Strathisla 1960/1997 (G&M) 40%
Strathisla 1963/1996 (G&M) 40%
Strathisla 1967/2000 (G&M) 40%
Strathisla 1974 (G&M;C) 57,8%
Strathisla 1985/1999 (G&M) 40% *
Strathisla 1987/2001 (G&M) 40%
Strathmill (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Strathmill (MacA.) 43%
Strathmill 1992/2002 (Sig.) 43%
Talisker (?) MacLeod's Rare Single Malt 1991 (Island) 43%
Talisker (?) MacLeod's Single Malt (Island) 40%
Talisker 45,8%
Talisker 1988 45,8%
Tamdhu (MacPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Tamdhu (Montgomerie's Single Sherry Cask) 43%
Tamdhu 1970/2000 (Montgomerie's Single Sherry Cask) 43%
Tamdhu 40%
Tamnavulin - Ferintosh 40%
Tamnavulin (Stillman's Dram) 45%
Tamnavulin 40%
Teaninich (MacA.) 21 J. 57,2%
Teaninich (Flora & Fauna) 43%
Teaninich 1973/1998 (Sam.) 45%
Teaninich 1975 (Conn.) 40%
Teaninich 1976/1995 (Conn.) 40%
Teaninich 1982/1998 (Conn.) 40%
Teaninich Port Barrel (double matured) (MacLeod) 16 J. 43%
The Arran Malt Cask Strength 1995/2002 58,1%
The Ileach "The Man from Islay" (Peaty Single Islay Malt) 40%
Tobermory 40%
Tomatin 40%
Tomatin 1968/1998 (Conn.) 40%
Tomintoul 12 J. 43%
Tomintoul 43%
Tomintoul 40%
Tormore (Special Distillery Bottling) 46%
Tormore 43%
Tullibardine 40%
Tullibardine 1973/2000(Sig.) 49,6%

Uncoloured Malts

Aberfeldy 1978/1997 (Sig.) 43%
Aberfeldy 1986/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Aberfeldy 1991/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Ardbeg - Lord of the Isles 25 J. 46%
Ardbeg 1977/(2001) 46%
Ardbeg 1978/2000 (Cask 1999 + 2000) (SP) 56,9%
Ardbeg 1990/2001 (DL) 50%
Ardbeg 1990/2001 (SP) 46%
Ardbeg 1991/1999 (Sig.) 60,7%
Ardbeg 1991/2001 (Acorn Ltd.) 59,9%
Ardbeg 1991/2001 (MM) 46%
Ardbeg TEN 10 J. 46%
Ardmore 1977/2000 (Sig.) 43%
Auchroisk 1989/2001 (Clydesdale; Cask-No. 30264) 62,9%
Balblair 1975/1997 (Sig.) 56,5%
Banff 1967/1999 (BO) 46,3%
Banff 1974/1998 (Conn.) 40%
Banff 1976/2000 (Sig.) 55,5%
Banff 1980/2002 (Sig.) 43%
Ben Nevis 46%
Ben Nevis 1966/2000 49,8%
Ben Nevis 1974/2000 51,5%
Ben Nevis 1990/2000 (Raw Cask) (BL) 66%
Ben Nevis 1990/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Ben Nevis 1991/2000 (Sig.) 43%
Benriach 1966/2001 (Sig.) 35 J. 47,2%
Benriach 1986/1998 (Sig.) 43%
Benrinnes 1972/1997 (Sig.) 53,5%
Benrinnes 1974 (Rare Malt) 60,4%
Benromach 1978/1996 (Sig.) 43%
Benromach 1978/1998 (Rare Malt) 63,8%
Bladnoch 1974/1999 (Sig.) 54,8%
Bladnoch 1977/2001 (Rare Malt) 53,6%
Bladnoch 1980/2000 (Silent Stills) (Sig.) 51,4%
Bladnoch 1988/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Bladnoch 1991 (MacA.) 10 J. 57,2%
Blair Athol (MacA.) 18 J. 50,4%
Blair Athol 1973/1998 (Sig.) 55%
Blair Athol 1977/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Blair Athol 1987/2002 (Sig.) 43%
Blair Athol 1989/1999 (Cad.) 59,1%
Bowmore 1966 (HB) 34 J. 42,6%
Bowmore 1968/2001 Rare Reserve (HK) (Sig.) 46,2%
Bowmore 1975/2001 (Sig.) 51,8%
Bowmore 1984/2000 (MacA.) 60%
Bowmore 1984/2000 (Sam.) 45%
Bowmore 1988/2000 (DL) 50%
Bowmore 1989/1999 (MM) 46%
Bowmore 1989/2000 (BL) 43%
Bowmore 1989/2000 (Cad.) 46%
Bowmore 1989/2001 (Sig.) 46%
Bowmore Golden Cask Strength 1990/1999 (Milroy's) 50%
Braes of Glenlivet 1979/1999 (Sig.) 43%
Braes of Glenlivet 1979/1999 (Sig.) 58,1%
Brora 1977/1998 (Rare Malt) 56,9%
Brora 1977/2001 (Rare Malt) 56,1%
Brora 1983 (Silent Stills) (Sig.) 18 J. 52,9%
Bruichladdich 46%
Bruichladdich 1970/2001 (Sig.) 52,7%
Bruichladdich 1986/1997 (Milroys of Soho) 10 J. 57%
Bruichladdich 1986/1998 (MM) 46%
Bruichladdich 1991/2002 (Cooper's Choice) Port Wood Finish 46%
Bruichladdich Fifteen 46%
Bruichladdich Twenty 46%
Bunnahabhain (MacA.) 20 J. 57%
Bunnahabhain 1976/2001 (Mackillop's Choice) 50,5%
Bunnahabhain 1978/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Bunnahabhain 1979 (MacA.) 20 J. 57,0%
Bunnahabhain 1979/1999 (MM) 46%
Bunnahabhain 1979/2001 (Sig.) 54,1%
Bunnahabhain 1984/2001 (refilled sherry-butt) (Sig.) 43%
Bunnahabhain 1989/1999 (McPhail's Collection) (G&M) 40%
Caol Ila 1975/2001 (Sig.) 56,1%
Caol Ila 1976/2001 (Sig.) 57,7%
Caol Ila 1977/1999 (Rare Malt) 61,3%
Caol Ila 1981/2000 (BO) 19 J. 62,6%
Caol Ila 1981/2001 (Sig.) 58,5%
Caol Ila 1984 (G&M;C) 60%
Caol Ila 1984/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Caol Ila 1989/1999 (Sig.) 43%
Caol Ila 1989/2001 (Mackillop's Choice) 57,7%
Caol Ila 1989/2001 (Sig.) 58,3%
Caol Ila 1989/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Caol Ila 1989/2002 (Sig.) 46%
Caol Ila 1991/2001 57,8%
Caol Ila 1991/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Caol Ila 1991/2002 (Sig.) 10 J. 43%
Caol Ila 3745 Tage (NHS) (Sig.) 59,1%
Caperdonich 1968/1999 (Mill.Label) (Sig.) 50,3%
Cardhu 1974/1999 (Sig.) 56%
Cardhu/Cardow 1987/1999 (Cad.) 56,8%
Clynelish (MacA.) 10 J. 59,8%
Clynelish 1970/2001 (sherrywood finish) (DL) 48,4%
Clynelish 1971/1999 (Sig.) 53,9%
Clynelish 1971/2001 (DunE.) 30 J. 43%
Clynelish 1971/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Clynelish 1972/1997 (Rare Malt) 24 J. 61,3%
Clynelish 1974/2001 (Sig.) 57,1%
Clynelish 1984/1999 (Sig.) 43%
Clynelish 1989 (MacA.) 12 J. 58%
Clynelish 1989/1999 (Cad.) 61,2%
Clynelish 1989/2000 Provenance (PR) 10 J. 43%
Clynelish 1989/2001 (south african sherry butt) (Sig.) 43%
Clynelish 1989/2001 (south african sherry butt) (Sig.) 58,9%
Clynelish 1990/1998 (Sam.) 59%
Convalmore 1985/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Craigallachie 1973 (Rare Malt) 60,2%
Craigellachie 1981/2000 (Sig.) 43%
Dailuaine 1980/1998 (Sam.) 45%
Dallas Dhu 1975/1997 (Rare Malt) 61,9%
Dallas Dhu 1978/1997 (Sig.) 59,6%
Dallas Dhu 1978/2001 (Sig.) 58,1%
Dalmore 1965/2001 (Sig.) 35 J. 53,8%
Dufftown (MacA.) 17 J. 58,5%
Dufftown 1975/1997 (Rare Malt) 21 J. 54,8%
Dufftown 1979/1997 (refilled sherry) (MM) 46%
Dumbarton (Inverleven Stills) 1969/2002 (Cad.) 32 J. 51,2%
Edradour 1976/1999 (Sig.) 53,1%
Edradour 1976/2001 (Sig.) 50,8%
Glen Albyn 1974/2001 (Sig.) 58%
Glen Albyn 1977/1998 (Sig.) 43%
Glen Elgin 1978/1997 (Sig.) 50,4%
Glen Esk 1974/2000 (Sig.) 52,7%
Glen Esk 1982/2000 (Cad.) 61,8%
Glen Grant 1965 (Sig.) 55%
Glen Keith 1972/1998 (Sam.) 45%
Glen Mhor 1965 (Silent Stills) (Sig.) 35 J. 49,2%
Glen Mhor 1979/2001 (Rare Malt) 61,0%
Glen Mhor 1980/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Glen Moray 1989/2001 (Sig.) 57,6%
Glen Ord 12 J. 40%
Glen Ord 1974/1998 (Rare Malt) 23 J. 60,8%
Glen Ord 1983/2001 (Sig.) 58,3%
Glen Scotia 1991/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Glen Spey (MacA.) 21 J. 55,4%
Glen Spey 1985/1999 (Cad.) 60,9%
Glenallachie 1989/2002 (Cad.) 61,3%
Glenallachie 1991/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Glenburgie 1978/1997 (Cad.) 18 J. 59,1%
Glencadam 1972 (Silent Stills) (Sig.) 29 J. 52,5%
Glencadam 1976/1998 (Sig.) 57%
Glendronach (Cad.) 25 J. 41,6%
Glendronach 1970/1990 (Sig.) 56%
Glendullan 1972 (Rare Malt) 62,6%
Glendullan 1974/1998 (Rare Malt) 63,1%
Glendullan 1984/1996 (Sig.) 43%
Glenfarclas - Eagle of Spey 40%
Glenfarclas 10 J. 40%
Glenfarclas 12 J. 43%
Glenfarclas 15 J. 46%
Glenfarclas 17 J. 43%
Glenfarclas 1966/1997 46%
Glenfarclas 1970/(1996) 53,2%
Glenfarclas 1975/1995 43% * #
Glenfarclas 1978(/1998 58,1%
Glenfarclas 1978/(1997) 58,1%
Glenfarclas 1978/1995 43%
Glenfarclas 1978/1998 43%
Glenfarclas 1978/1999 60,3%
Glenfarclas 1979/(1997) 57,1%
Glenfarclas 1981/(1997) 53,4%
Glenfarclas 2000 20 J. 46%
Glenfarclas Family Reserve 1982/1999 46%
Glenfarclas Heritage 40%
Glenkinchie 1978/1996 (Sig.) 60,8%
Glenkinchie 1978/2001 (Sig.) 54,6%
Glenlivet (Minmore) 1972/1999 (Cad.) 47,5%
Glenlivet 1971/1999 (Sig.) 51,6%
Glenlivet 1976/2001 (Sig.) 57,0%
Glenlochy 1952 (DL) 49 J. 43%
Glenlossie 1978/1999 (DL) 50%
Glenlossie 1981 (HB) 16 J. 43%
Glenmorangie Côte de Beaune Wood Finish 12 J. 46%
Glenrothes 1971/1999 43%
Glenrothes 1978/1999 43%
Glenrothes 1981/1999 43%
Glenrothes 1987/2000 43%
Glenrothes 1990/2000 (DK) 43%
Glenrothes Rare Reserve 1968/2000 (Sig.) 50,5%
Glentauchers 1975/1997 (Sig.) 55%
Glenturret 1973/2000 (Sig.) 55,5%
Glenturret 1978/1998 (Sig.) 53,8%
Glenturret 1985/2002 (Sig.) 58,4%
Glenturret 1988/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Glenury 1968 (DL) 32 J. 49,4%
Glenury Royal 1970/1999 (Rare Malt) 57%
Glenury Royal 1975/1998 (Sig.) 57,2%
Glenury Royal 1975/2000 (Sig.) 56,4%
Highland Park 1977/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Highland Park 1979/2000 (Cad.) 49,7%
Highland Park 1988/1999 (MM) 46%
Highland Park 1988/2001 (Sig.) 11 J. 46%
Highland Park 1989/1998 (G&M;C) 60%
Highland Park 1990/1999 (Sig.) 43%
Hillside 1971/1997 (Rare Malt) 25 J. 62,0%
Imperial (MacA.) 15 J. 43%
Imperial 1976 (Sig.) 25 J. 59,2%
Imperial 1979/2000 (Cad.) 60,6%
Inchgower 1974/1997 (Rare Malt) 55,7%
Inchgower 1977/2000 (Cad.) 22 J. 55,1%
Inchgower 1980/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Inchgower 1986/1998 (Sig.) 43%
Isle of Jura 1966/2001 (Sig.) 35 J. 42,7%
Knockdhu Natural Cask Strength 57,4%
Lagavulin - Fuaran Ile 1991/2001 46%
Lagavulin - Fuaran Ile 1991/2001 Cask Strength 57,1%
Laphroaig (?) - Leapfrog 1987/2000 (MM) 46%
Laphroaig 1987/2002 (DL) 50%
Laphroaig 1988/2001 (MM) 46%
Laphroaig 1990/1999 (BL) 60,5%
Laphroaig 1990/1999 (BL) 60,8%
Ledaig 1992/2000 (BL) 43%
Linkwood (Sig.) 10 J. 43%
Linkwood (MacA.) 11 J. 60,5%
Linkwood 1974/1997 (Rare Malt) 61,2%
Linkwood 1974/2000 (refilled sherry butt) (Sig.) 56,1%
Linkwood 1978/1999 (DL) 50%
Linkwood 1988) (Sig.) 43%
Linkwood 1988/2002 (Sig.) 43%
Linkwood 1989/2001 46%
Linlithgow 1975/2000 (Sig.) 50,5%
Linlithgow 1982/2001 (Mackillop's Choice) 62,6%
Linlithgow 1982/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Littlemill 1965/1998 (Sig.) 49,1%
Littlemill 1967/2000 (Mackillop's Choice) 49,1%
Littlemill 1977/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Littlemill 1990/2002 (Sig.) 43%
Loch Lomond - Rhosdhu 1985/1998 (Cad.) 60%
Loch Lomond (7 J.) 40%
Lochranza Distillery - Arran 1996/2001 (Cask-No. 96041) (BL) 57,4%
Lochside 1981/2000 (Cad.) 58%
Longmorn (first fill sherry cask) (G&M) 25 J. 43%
Longmorn 1968/1999 (Sig.) 53,8%
Longmorn 1976 (sherry cask) (MacA.) 61,0%
Longmorn 1984/1996 (Cad.) 60,1%
Longrow 46%
Macallan 10 J. 40%
Macallan 12 J. 40%
Macallan 1861 Replica 42,7%
Macallan 1946/1998 43%
Macallan 1974/1999 43%
Macallan 1975/1999 (MM) 46%
Macallan 1975/2000 43%
Macallan 1976/1999 (Cad.) 46%
Macallan 1983 18 J. 43%
Macallan 1984 15 J. 43%
Macallan 1985 15 J. 43%
Macallan 1988/2000 (Sig.) 43%
Macallan 1988/2000 Provenance (PR) 43%
Macallan 1989 (Cad.) 11 J. 46%
Macallan 1990/1998 (DunE.) 8 J. 61,3%
Macallan 1990/2000 (MM) 46%
Macallan 1990/2002 "As we get it" (DK) 55,6%
Macallan 58,8%
Macallan 7 J. 40%
Macallan Distiller's Choice 40%
Macduff (MacA.) 27 J. 53%
Macduff 1975/1999 (DL) 50%
Macduff 1978/1999 (sherry cask) (Sig.) 58,8%
Mannochmore (Flora & Fauna) 12 J. 43 %
Mannochmore 1974/1997 (Rare Malt) 22 J. 60,1%
Mannochmore 1977/1996 (Cad.) 60,9%
Mannochmore 1978/1999 (Sig.) 57,1%
Mannochmore 1982 (Cad.) 17 J. 66,6%
Mannochmore 1984/2001 (refilled sherry butt) (Sig.) 43%
Millburn 1974/2000 (BL) 58,5%
Millburn 1975/2001 (Rare Malt) 61,9%
Millburn 1983/2001 (Sig.) 46%
Milton Duff 1973 (HB) 23 J. 43%
Milton Duff 1978/1997 (Sig.) 43%
Milton Duff 1978/1999 (Sig.) 59,2%
Milton Duff 1986/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Milton Duff 1988/2001 (MacLeod) 12 J. 43 %
Mortlach 43%
Mortlach (Sig.) 12 J. 43%
Mortlach 1975/1997 (Sig.) 57,7%
Mortlach 1978/1998 (Rare Malt) 20 J. 62,2%
Mortlach 1988/2001 Cask Strength 58,2%
Mortlach 1988/2002 (Sig.) 43%
Mortlach 1989/2000 (Raw Cask) (BL) 60,5%
Mortlach 1989/2000 (Sig.) 43%
Mosstowie 1976/1998 (Silent Stills) (Sig.) 54,8%
Mosstowie/Miltonduff 1970 (Cad.) 29 J. 57,5%
North Port 1975 (Silent Stills) (Sig.) 26 J. 55,6 %
North Port 1975/2000 (Sig.) 61,1%
North Port 1979/1999 (Rare Malt) 61,2 %
Tomatin 1976/1998 (DL) 50%
Pittyvaich 1976/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Pittyvaich 1985/2000 (Cad.) 59,1%
Port Ellen 1976/2000 (DL) 50%
Port Ellen 1978/1998 (Rare Malt) 60,9%
Port Ellen 1978/2002 (refilled sherry butt) (Sig.) 59%
Port Ellen 1979/1998 (G&M;C) 61,1%
Port Ellen 1979/2001 56,2%
Port Ellen 1979/2002 (Sig.) 43%
Port Ellen 1981/2000 Provenance (PR) 18 J. 43%
Port Ellen 1982/2001 (DL) 56%
Port Ellen 1982/2001 Provenance (PR) 19 J. 43%
Port Ellen 1982/2002 (DL) 50%
Rosebank 1983/1995 (Sig.) 43%
Rosebank 1989/1999 (BL) 59%
Rosebank 1989/1999 (Cad.) 58,6%
Rosebank 1989/2000 (Raw Cask) (BL) 58,9%
Rosebank 1989/2000 (Silent Stills) (Sig.) 56,2%
Rosebank 1989/2002 (Celtic Label) 60,6%
Rosebank 1989/2002 (Sig.) 43%
Rosebank 1990/1997 (Milroy's) 60%
Rosebank 1990/1999 (Sig.) 43%
Rosebank 1990/2001 (MM) 46 %
Royal Brackla 1975/2000 (Sig.) 56,4%
Royal Brackla 1978/1998 (Rare Malt) 59,8%
Royal Brackla 1979/1997 (Sig.) 43%
Royal Brackla 1991/2000 (Sig.) 43%
Royal Lochnagar 1972/1997 (Rare Malt) 55,7%
Royal Lochnagar 1973/1997 (Rare Malt) 59,7%
Scapa 1985/2001 Chieftains (MacLeod) 43%
Speyburn 1975/1997 (Cad.) 60,2%
Speyburn 1977/1999 63,2%
Springbank 12 J. 46%
Springbank 10 J. 46%
Springbank 12 J. 46%
Springbank 1965/1999 (fresh sherry) (MM) 46%
Springbank 1967/2001 (Sig.) 47,2%
Springbank 1974/1999 46,3%
Springbank 1974/2000 44,9%
Springbank 1989/2001 (private bottling) 12 J. 58,1%
Springbank 1990/2000 (Sig.) 46 %
Springbank 21 J. 46%
Springbank C. V.46%
Strathisla 1967 (HB) 46,3%
Strathisla 1968/1999 (Sig.) 53,2%
Strathisla 1989/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Strathisla 1989/2002 (Cad.) 54,9%
Strathisla 1990/1999 (Sig.) 43%
Strathmill 1962/2001 (DL) 39 J. 45,2%
Strathmill 1974/1999 (Sig.) 53,3%
Strathmill 1986/2000 (Sig.) 43%
Strathmill 1992/2002 (Cad.) 9 J. 65,4%
Talisker - Vintage Island Skye Malt (Sig.) 8 J. 40%
Talisker 1975/2001 59,9%
Talisker 1988/1999 (DL) 11 J. 50%
Tamnavulin 1978/2001 (pale oloroso butt) (Sig.) 58,2%
Teaninich 1972/2000 (Rare Malt) 27 J. 63,2%
Teaninich 1973/1997 (Rare Malt) 23 J. 57,1%
Teaninich 1981/1998 (Sig.) 43%
Teaninich 1984/2001 (Sig.) 43%
Tomatin 1976/1999(Cad.) 55,7%
Tomatin 1977/1999 (JW) 21 J. 56,7%
Tomatin 1989/2002 (Sig.) 46%
Tomatin 1990/1999 (BL) 61,6%
Tomintoul 1966/2001 (Sig.) 46,1%
Tomintoul 1966/2001 (Mackillop's Choice) 46,5%
Tomintoul 1967/2001 (Celtic Legends) 45%
Tormore 1989/2001 (refilled sherry butt) (Sig.) 43%
Tormore 1990/2000 Provenance (PR) 43%
Tormore 1990/2001 (Raw Cask) (BL) 66,2%
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Postby Admiral » Sat Dec 11, 2004 3:42 am

Comprehensive effort there, Lawrence, well done!! :)
I presume that came from a German site or something? I noticed the abbreviation for years was "J" for "Jahren" which is German for years?

I'm still weeping though...... :cry:

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Postby Lawrence » Sat Dec 11, 2004 4:08 am

Hi Admiral, yes it came from the German market. The weeping is going on here too but I'm going to forge on as some of my favourites are on the list.

I was surprised to see the Macallan Gran Reserva on there too.
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Postby Admiral » Sat Dec 11, 2004 7:07 am takes the magic off, doesn't it? There I was thinking my beautiful bronzed bottle was all natural from an amazing special cask, and instead it's had some cosmetic surgery.

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Postby Tom » Sat Dec 11, 2004 12:29 pm

Thank you Lawrence for this info.
i didnt see the laphroaig 15 and glenfiddich 12 here now.
Springbank??? i thought they made a statement of it that their whisky is not consistent.(saw that on an other forum).
unless i overlooked it, the glenfiddich 12 uses no more coloring, wich could explain why it tastes better lately. And for laphroaig 15, i always wondered why JM gave it so few points in his 2004 bible, i guess it was due to the caramel and hope he will review it.
I'll be printing this out its very usefull.
I was wondering where you can buy this coloring, in a pharmacy? i'd like to experiment some of my own.
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Postby hpulley » Sat Dec 11, 2004 1:19 pm

Ledaig 15yo is 43% and there are two Ledaig 43% bottlings listed with no age. I suspect it is coloured.

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Postby Admiral » Sun Dec 12, 2004 1:17 am

What would be interesting is if we started a thread where people could list malts where they think the caramel is detectable in (or at least has affected) the flavour.

I like what Jim Murray said about the subject in the intro of his 2004 Bible. Whilst you might not actually smell or taste caramel, you do notice that the whisky's characters are flat, that the sparkle has diminished, and the high notes are gone.

Any contributions to this list?

The recent release of Talisker 10 gets my vote.

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Postby Tom » Sun Dec 12, 2004 1:24 pm

sure, Laphroaig Cask strength has flattened alot, plus there is a distant sherry flavor in it. the exact same thing i experienced when tasting the Glenfiddich Ancient, initially we were told it was due to second fill sherry casks, with this list here we now know it was caramel. i bet its the same with the laphroaigh CS, it is way too dark for 10Y bourbon, and it tastes like caramelized.
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Postby Lawrence » Fri May 06, 2005 5:04 pm

I received this email from Euan Mitchell of the Isle of Arran Distillery regarding color being added to their whiskies;

At Isle of Arran Distillers we do not, and to my knowledge have never, use any form of artificial colouring in our single malts. The Arran Malt (43%) and the Robert Burns Malt (40%) are two of the lightest malts on the market and testify to the fact we let the quality of the taste do the talking rather than the colour of the whisky.

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Postby Tom » Sun May 08, 2005 4:12 pm

Amazing, specially after sampling the Single cask Bourbon cask, only what, 7Y old, yet disturbingly dark in color. same goes for the sherry and cognac finish, i know these should be dark, but i wonder if its supposed to be so dark after only a few years.
Like mr Mitchell said, perhaps they are ONLY talking about the standard bottlings.
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Re: Bowmore Darkest

Postby upright » Mon Feb 09, 2009 8:34 am

Amazing list, whish we could get an update. Also noticed the colour in the ob's are a lot darker than a Bowmore 13 from omc i had.
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Postby The Third Dram » Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:28 pm

Tom wrote:...i know these should be dark, but i wonder if it's supposed to be so dark after only a few years...

Important to remember that the preponderance of extraction of colour and principal flavour elements from the wood occurs during the first few years of maturation. Therefore, one needs to be extremely careful, both in terms of visual assessment and taste judgement, in jumping to conclusions concerning the possible infusion of E150. Undeniably, it IS there in many cases. But as I've stated elsewhere, the differentiation between the effects of caramel additives and the already present (largely wood derived) characteristics of a whisky (not to mention how these two factors interact with one another) can be rather difficult to ascertain with certainty by taste analysis alone.
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Re: Bowmore Darkest

Postby Drexter » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:51 pm

Laphroaig Cairdeas is without artificial colourant...
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Re: Bowmore Darkest

Postby leomitch » Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:07 am

I am new to these forums, but I have been drinking Single Malts for decades, 6 to be sure, and I am wondering what is the problem with adding an artificial colouring to this or any other spirit. Does it degrade the taste somehow? Is it harmful in some way to the health of the drinker? I am not clear as to why there is such a fuss made about adding caramel or other artificial colouring. Is it just because it is artificial, because if that is true, them there are many things in the world that are in the same boat. My wife for example! She uses artificial colour whenever we go out to a party...lipstick, rouge, powder and so on. With all that, under it all, she is still a delight! LOL!
I am sorry, but I really want to know, because if it isn't harmful and does not degrade the taste and most of the distilleries use it from time to time on many of their products, then what is the problem? I have read many comments of a serious nature here and on other forums regarding this. Some for example shun certain distilleries because of this colouring issue.
I may have stepped into it here, but I enjoy many of the drinks I know have artificial colouring and as for Bowmore Darkest, I rather like the colour. I will add, I also love it when my wife puts on her colour, its different and pleasant to the eye! ;-) Have at it. :shock:
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Re: Bowmore Darkest

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Re: Bowmore Darkest

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Thanks for that interesting piece cthulhu. In the end for myself, caramel in my drink or not is a non-issue. I guess I am not a purist, but I have never found that caramel caused me not to enjoy my drink. I certainly would not go to the extent of some who would not buy a certain brand of whiskey because they use the caramel in their product. Finally, it is a personal choice, but I could care less about the issue. My two cents worth. :D
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It can go with ones proper night time collection to make a

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Nonetheless they tend not to show you a "attitude intellectu

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It can go with your proper evening ensemble to make a

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