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Collector's Corner?

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Re: Collector's Corner?

Postby lincoln imp » Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:54 pm

Matt Page wrote:
lincoln imp wrote:they made such a fuss about it etc but then over the months let the collectors corner descend into another for sale forum, thats alright then is it?

The fuss didn't come from this side, and you are a bit confussed about the sequence of what happened. Anyway, not really important and I hope you can enjoy the Collectors Corner again now that we are back where we started many moons ago...

As I mentioned before if you see a topic that should be in Valuations, For Sale or Wanted please click the report button so we can get it moved.

This whole for sale thing really gets people going doesn't it, whatever next, telling tales to men in black :mrgreen: :insane:

Actually i am not confused as you did stop the for sale section then appeared to close your eyes to the fact that sellers just hijacked the collectors corner and whats worse you have let it carry on for some time.
It is exactly that sort of high handed comment from the moderators that drove me away from the WM forum in the first place. :(
lincoln imp
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Re: Collector's Corner?

Postby Matt2 » Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:47 pm

Imp - You are confussed, selling was stopped and for sale forum removed, selling was then allowed again in the CC because I couldn't be bothered to open another forum. Eyes wide open to it all :shock: , no one sneaking past and posting without us knowing.

Mavis - I'm not sure what information you think you have, but I didn't get in trouble or get anything wrapped, I don't have much to do with the forum now but thats a personal choice, do whats needed and get on with other things. Comments like yours aren't welcome here, and who ever you are if you carry on you will be removed (again?)

Time to get back to talking about whisky before you trip over that line.... the one just in front of you...


Feedback, ideas, suggestions and comments are always welcome, and this topic resulted in new For Sale, Valuations and Wanted forums being created.


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