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Bowmores wood finishings ?

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Bowmores wood finishings ?

Postby Stephane Grialet » Fri Jan 31, 2003 11:31 am


I've only tasted the Bowmore Darkest (sherry finish if i'm not wrong). And i really like it.
But in France it is really hard to find the "Dawn" and the "Dusk".

Could you tell me if these whiskies are "raryties" or not ?
And what do you think about their own wood finish (port and claret) ?

Btw i own a Glenmorangie 12 y.o. Château de Meursault wood finish but i haven't opened it yet (searching for a good occasion Image.
Has someone already tasted it ?
Is it worth, comparing to the other numerous Glenmorangie wood finishes ?

Stephane Grialet
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Postby Opili » Fri Jan 31, 2003 7:02 pm

Hi Stephane,

the Dusk and Dawn are the regular bottlings of the claret and port finishes.

The original "Claret" and "Voyage" are limited to 12000 bottles each, but the Voyage is not hard to find and it costs not much more as on date of release (75 euro in 2000 and 99 euro now).

Try the german whiskystore.(
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Postby Admiral » Sun Feb 02, 2003 6:51 am

Is the Bowmore Darkest actually a finish? I thought it was just a vatting of malt that had been matured entirely in sherry casks?
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Postby hpulley » Sun Feb 02, 2003 4:05 pm

It is my understanding that Bowmore Darkest is a sherry cask finish (an extra 3 years added to the standard 12 year bourbon cask aging).

"The unique charm of the Bowmore Darkest malt whisky has been increased by further maturation in carefully hand selected oak sherry casks." So says the writing on the back of the cardboard tube which holds the bottle.

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Postby r0b » Wed Feb 12, 2003 2:15 pm

Howdy Stephane,

My suggestion would be to give the finishes a miss (except "Darkest" which is wonderful), and get the 15 or 17 instead. They are about equal in price to Dusk and Dawn, and a much better buy in my opinion.
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