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The Mystery and Magic of Aberlour

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The Mystery and Magic of Aberlour

Postby jmrl » Sat Mar 15, 2008 9:32 pm

Despite being a commission by the distillers (and a cheesey title) the author, Andrew Langley, acquits himself admirably. Nice attention to the previous owners and their contributions as well as a fair amount of grounding in the history of the early stages of the area and population. I like whisky books that add to general knowledge through their attention to related influences of the wider picture. a clear understanding of the development of the whisky market in the 19th/20th century is shown with some nice snippets of facts and figures otherwise unreported in the popular publications. The publisher, Good Books, have done whisky distillery profiles before and I wonder how many low profile books like this are out there. Anybody come across the author before or since? Bought from the distileery for about £12 inc. P & P (probably) 2000.
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