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Still Crazy - Islay Whisky Festival 2002 video

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Still Crazy - Islay Whisky Festival 2002 video

Postby Jeroen Kloppenburg » Sat Nov 16, 2002 12:04 pm

Hey All,

It is not exactely a book, but since it is listed in WM this month I thought and gave you my opinion on this video I received yesterday.

In all honoustly, if you think about buying it, then dont. Up to 60% of the video's audio is of such poor quality that you can not understand anything that is being said. The camera man simply followed distillery tours with a consumer DV camera, shooting bits and pieces which are then editted togheter in a very amateuristic way.

It is very clear the person who produced this tape is not a professional in the video production field. The use of a tripod is lacking in any shot, the choice of shots, framing, scene order and other basic video techniques are all absent in a highly disturbing manner. The audio has not been recorded seperately, and all other basic errors you expect from a home video enthousiast.

The price, in my opinion, gives expectation of a professionally made video. Ten Brittish pounds is not soemthing you expect to pay for a poorly shot and editted video, of which the best you get is a few nice shots of the beautiful surroundings.

I know I am critical becuase my work is also in this field, videoproduction. And, if possible, I would love to give some time helping out in a future edition of this video tape, becuase I am sure lots of whisky enthousiasts would love to have a video of this event they can watch as a reminder of the great times they had on Islay, or to see what they have been missing out on at the festival by absence.
Jeroen Kloppenburg
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