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help Identifying age of Bourbon and Irish

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help Identifying age of Bourbon and Irish

Postby TimDisney » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:13 pm

I recently acquired 3 bottles of whisky and as a beer guy I know nothing of whisky. They are in decorative bottles:

1. Daviess County in a pineapple container honolulu 1981 American legion. bottom: Medley Distilling Co. 1981.

2. Jim Beam 110 decorative bottle, brown, train on one side cowboy on the other.Bottle (Decanter) says 100 years of progress Laramie, Wyoming on one side and Centennial Jubilee 1868?-1968? on the other side. Beam 110 Months Old Label on the bottom

3. Tullamore Dew Blended Irish, Crock white and green

Help needed is: ages of the whisky, when were they bottled?

all items are corked and unopened, although I am itching to do so.

Thanks for any help I am a newbie. I purchased these from an elderly lady. Total about 40 bottles however, I thought I would ask for help on these 3.

I can email photos to help with identification

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Re: help Identifying age of Bourbon and Irish

Postby Ganga » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:29 pm

I have seen many bourbons where the age of the whiskey is in months. 110 months would be just over 9 years old. The Daviess County is terrific. Loads of cinnamon (think the hot candy cinnamon sticks). If I remember correctly the Daviess County would have been bottled in the 80s. The best place to get more information on bourbons is I can't tell you much about the Tullamore Dew crocks.
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