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Islay- Pronunciation

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Islay- Pronunciation

Postby bond » Thu Dec 09, 2004 7:45 am

This may come across as a really stupid question but on one of my recent tasting sessions, a gentleman with considerable exposure to Scotland came up with this debate.

Is "ISLAY" pronounced as "aaaeelay" or "eeelaaa" ???

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Postby Lawrence » Thu Dec 09, 2004 8:27 am

The residents of Islay have always said the me

"Welcome to Eye-luh"

although I think they'll be happy if you just drink their whisky!
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Postby Admiral » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:01 pm

I know a few Glaswegians who pronounce it "Eye-lee", but sometimes I think that's just their local accent/dialect.

The Ileachs I've spoken with say "Eye - la"

(That's 'eye' as in eyeball, and 'la' as in "doe ray me so far lar tee doe!" (sic))

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Postby Deactivated Member » Thu Dec 09, 2004 2:13 pm

I noticed that even in Scotland or England people pronouce it different, I think it's all fine the way you pronounce it as long as they know what you mean.

Purists will stick to Eye - luh
Others go for eye - lay
Some go for Eye la

Well it all comes to the same meaning, in other words: "when do we leave to Islay???" :D


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Postby richard » Thu Dec 09, 2004 6:45 pm

any one i have spoken to told me to pronouce it

eye-lah all pretty similar
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Postby Admiral » Fri Dec 10, 2004 3:53 am

As long as no one says "Izz - lay" :D
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