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Girl needing help for fiancée wedding gift - single malt

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Girl needing help for fiancée wedding gift - single malt

Postby JayGirl » Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:15 am

Hi all

I am getting married in 2 weeks and am looking an outstanding wedding gift for my future husband! I'm after an older (18 y.o or older) single malt scotch whisky with the perceived 'prestige' of a johnny walker (I don't know what colour labels are 'prestige' but you know what I mean) except NOT blended. I have done a ton of research online but I'm really such a 'noob' (not being a whisky drinker myself)!!!

Bit about my fiancé... I know he has drank and bought for others various selections of Glenfiddich but that's when he was 'on a budget'. I've heard him suggest Glenlivet to someone else who was looking for gift ideas as well.

My considerations: My boss (who has tons of disposable income -unlike me) has recommended The Macallan 18 y.o as being his favourite single malt. I've done some research online and have found nothing but excellent reviews from consumers. That is definitely within my budget and is what I'm leaning towards (because if that is something good enough for my boss with tons of cash, the. It would be good enough for my fiancé)!!

On the other hand, I've also come across the Glenlivet 18 y.o which won double gold at the 2012 whisky awards but haven't found many consumer reviews. It's also something that my fiancé has suggested to another but he hasn't actually tried it himself so he may be basing that suggestion on the awards. It is also significantly cheaper than the Macallan 18 which I'm not sure why.

Can someone please help me?!? Ultimately I'm leaning toward the Macallan 18 but if here is something even better tasting and more prestigious at around the same price range then I'd go with that.
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Re: Girl needing help for fiancée wedding gift - single malt

Postby Ganga » Sat Feb 09, 2013 6:56 am

Not sure where you are located and what is available. I'm a big Macallan fan. If it is the 18, 1992, 1993 or 1994 then you should be good. No, they don't all taste the same and some of the 80s vintages would go off when open for a few months.

I'm also a big fan of Glenfarclas. Typically the Glenfarclas 25 is in the same price range as the Macallan 18. Maybe not as prestigious but well worth the $$$.

Glenlivet 18 is a very good whisky as well. The Macallan and Glenfarclas are sherry matured so significantly different than the Glenlivet.

Something else to consider is the Pulteney 21. It was whisky of the year the previous year.
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Re: Girl needing help for fiancée wedding gift - single malt

Postby corbuso » Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:59 am

In order to help with your choice, it would be nice to have more information about his type of whiskies.
The Macallan 18 YO 100% sherry matured (not the fine oak) tend to be very good, but they are rather pricey and your future husband should enjoy sherried whiskies.
In the sherry style, the Glenfarclas 21 or 25 years old are good choices.
As an alternative, you can find the Knockando 25 YO 43% that can be easily found at bargain prices, since people do not know it. A very good whisky, maybe from a less prestigious distillery.

To stay on the sherry side, Glendronach is another high quality single malt.

To stay closer to the Glenffidich style, the Glenlivet 21 YO is a good option, as well as some 21 YO Cragganmore, eventually some 20 years old BenRiach.

Of note, do not pay too much attention to awards, since they might be very easily obtained and the objective is to find a whisky to the taste of your fiancé.

and congratulations!

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