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Whisky Glossary : Rye Whiskey

Whisky Glossary and Definitions

Unlike wine, for example, whisky is not really about mystification, but it does bring its own jargon. Any unusual terms you are likely to come across are described and defined in this section.


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Whisky Magazine Issue 153

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Rye Whiskey

Whiskey made from at least 51 per cent rye. Production is similar to that of Bourbon

?The beating heart of Ireland?
?Get up close and personal with this vibrant capital city

September 2013, Issue 114, page 51

A Cocktail Revolution
The rise of new age methods of ageing

March 2015, Issue 126, page 58

A drink not to mess with
In the first of a new series on great whisky cocktails, Ian Wisniewski looks at The Manhattan

January 2005, Issue 45, page 54

A free sofa with every case
The dignified advertisements you see in this publication belie the rough and tumble past of American whiskey promotion. Charles K.Cowdery reports

October 2006, Issue 59, page 52

A Heady Twist
Adding whisky to your recipe

July 2016, Issue 137, page 64

A new frontier
Jonathan McCormick looks at selling bourbon to the Scots.

January 2009, Issue 77, page 20

A wolf & two rivers
The US-influenced ‘craft’ distilling movement continues to grow in the UK, Gavin investigates further

January 2018, Issue 149, page 34

Alchemy by the Bay
Stuart MacLean Ramsay takes a trip to the US west coast and checks out three very different but equally daring and passionate distillers

December 2001, Issue 20, page 38

Ask The Expert
Send your questions to or by post to: Q&A, Whisky Magazine, St Faiths House, Mountergate, Norwich, England, NR1 1PY

January 2016, Issue 133, page 82

Back in business
After 200 years,George Washington's distillery has been restored to its former glory, Charles K. Cowdery looks at the history and takes us behind the scenes

October 2006, Issue 59, page 48

Bars Guide: London
Capital investment. Let Neil Ridley take you through the bars of London

June 2014, Issue 120, page 51

Bars of Titan
The wider the range, the harder to source

June 2015, Issue 128, page 45

Bourbon Marches On
Liza gives us a roundup of the bourbon scene in USA today

January 2015, Issue 125, page 31

Can Live Auctions Adapt?
The need to compete with online is compelling

December 2015, Issue 132, page 80

Canadian whisky
Our man behind the stick delves into a flavourful world

June 2013, Issue 112, page 62

City Guide
1Bourbons Bistro 2255 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206 In their spare time, the Bourbons Bistro owners travel the state, looking for unwanted stashes of whiskey. Instead of ...

April 2013, Issue 111, page 54

Cocktails Around the World
New Orleans, Louisiana... ‘The Big Easy'

January 2016, Issue 133, page 58

Cocktails From Around the World
New York – ‘The Big Apple'

March 2016, Issue 134, page 56

Cocktails from Around the World
Why London is so important to the world cocktail scene

April 2016, Issue 135, page 58

Corn Distribution
Where are distillers getting their grains?

July 2015, Issue 129, page 78

Dos and Don'ts
At the retailer, while travelling and at home, the proper storage of cigars is vital

May 2018, Issue 151, page 56

Drinkin' Like it's 1985
The phenomenon of ‘vintage' bottles of whisky

April 2015, Issue 127, page 11

Drinking Large in the Windy City
Charles K.Cowdery finds craft cocktails in Chicago taking a whiskey spin.

February 2010, Issue 86, page 50

Dutch courage
Dave Broom takes a trip to Holland to visit a very Dutch distillery – Millstone.

January 2010, Issue 85, page 40

East Meets West
Liza Weisstuch reports on a meeting of minds at Mdount Vernon

July 2012, Issue 105, page 24

Elegy for the ‘Easy'
The death of New Orleans has been exaggerated

October 2005, Issue 51, page 11

Fit for a King
Jim Leggett visits the North Carolina's newest distillery to discover Kings Mountain Whiskeys

April 2013, Issue 111, page 32

From Eau-de-Vie to Uisge Beatha
Alex Kraaijeveld looks at the growth of alternative distillers worldwide – and he likes what he sees

June 2002, Issue 23, page 60

From Farm to Bottle
WhistlePig offers a first taste of its own Vermont grown rye

February 2017, Issue 144, page 6

Future Casting
Our experts open their almanacs and explore the challenges facing the industry in 2011

January 2011, Issue 93, page 6

George and the Distilled Peach
Liza Weisstuch joins a group of distillers bringing history back to life

January 2011, Issue 93, page 50

God bless Herr Bourbon
Heinz Taubenheim's grand passions have made him the toast of the American whiskey world. Susanne and Juergen Deibel meet the genie behind the bourbon bottles

February 2000, Issue 8, page 28

Happy trails
Rob Allanson takes an educational trip through America's whiskey heartland

July 2007, Issue 65, page 18

Haunted Whiskey Place
Our man finds himself focusing on a ghostly glass

May 2018, Issue 151, page 11

Highland Park and Heathrow
A rare bottling lands at the London hub

July 2017, Issue 145, page 78



Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey Old World 12 Years
Rye - U.S.A. - 43.00%
8 Great balance of spirit and wood.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey
Rye - U.S.A. - 55.00%
8 It's a bit hardcore this one. If you have an allergy to bitter spices then I'd pass.

Eagle Rare 17 Years Old
Single Malt - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 A bourbon for non sweet teeth. Rich, very well structured.

WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey Old World Series: Madeira Finish
Rye - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 Although the alcohol balances the sweetness, I think it's one for those of you with a sweet tooth!

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

WhistlePig 15 Years Old
Rye - U.S.A. - 46.00%
8 A brilliant rye. If the nose had the clarity and intensity of the rye that the palate did, it would be running for Editor's Choice.

WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey Old World Series: Port Finish
Rye - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 A late harvested wine cask finished rye whisky? It's dangerously drinkable!

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Sazerac 18 Years Old Straight Rye
Rye - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 A trifle sophisticated for my tastes, but a very fine rye whiskey.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Berry's Own Selection Invergordon 38 Years Old 1971
Single Grain - Scotland - 48.00%
8 The balance between sweet and sour is perfect. A grain whisky? I would have thought of an old bourbon.

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select
Tennessee - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 ?A classic rye whiskey. Gains balance and sweetness with a dash of water.

Skip Rock Rye Whiskey
Rye - U.S.A. - 43.00%
8 A fabulous nose. Maybe more time in the cask might have helped the palate.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Sazerac 18 Years Old
Rye - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 Another Rye Whiskey ? The nose is a bit dour but the palate is more balanced. An interesting character.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Eagle Rare 17 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 A bourbon close to a rye whiskey,well structured and quite complex.

WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey Old World Series: Sauternes Finish
Rye - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 If you like it fat and simple, then this is right up your street

A. D. Laws Secale Straight Rye Whiskey, Single Barrel Cask Strength
Rye - U.S.A. - 66.00%
8 Young, but entertaining.

Mackmyra Midvinter
Single Malt - Sweden - 46.10%
8 An all-round lovely malt. An Irish rye whiskey perhaps?

The Dalmore 21 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 42.00%
8 It's all about the sherry cask. No blemishes, but simple and ultimately for me, a little unexciting.

Van Brunt Stillhouse Rye Whiskey Lot #7 Small Batch
Single Malt - U.S.A. - 42.00%
7 It's another of those love / hate whiskies. Interesting!

Pendleton 1910 Canadian Rye 12 Years Old
Rye - Canada - 40.00%
7 I would never have guessed it was a rye whiskey! Where is the spicy crispiness of the rye?

A. D. Laws Secale Straight Rye Whiskey
Rye - U.S.A. - 50.00%
7 You can't hurry maturation.

Basil Hayden's 8 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 40.00%
7 Has an aromatic profile close to a rye whiskey. Quite charming. Too bad it has been emasculated by an excessive dilution. A handsome eunuch?

Van Brunt Stillhouse Rye Whiskey Lot #4 Small Batch
Rye - U.S.A. - 40.00%
7 This is not to my onward to the next one.

Grand Traverse Distillery Ole George Straight Rye Whiskey
Rye - U.S.A. - 46.50%
7 Could be used as a cocktail ingredient. Like it has been matured in Swedish Sauna Pine Wood.

Old Malt Cask North Port 36 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 49.30%
7 Of interest to collectors, historians and the likes of me, but this Brechin brew, staunched in 1983, never made a great whisky.

Sonoma County Cherrywood Rye Whiskey
Rye - U.S.A. - 48.00%
6 This should have been given a lot more time in the cask, it's been bottled far too early and thus it's very difficult to evaluate because of the impurities that haven't been removed by the oak.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Kyro Single Malt Rye Whiskey 1
Rye - Finland - 47.80%
8 Completely off the radar. Massively brave character. Love it.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye
Rye - America - 45.20%
8 Shows how wonderful rye can be. Sweet and spice vying for attention.



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