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Whisky Glossary : Wash

Whisky Glossary and Definitions

Unlike wine, for example, whisky is not really about mystification, but it does bring its own jargon. Any unusual terms you are likely to come across are described and defined in this section.


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Whisky Magazine Issue 153

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The alcoholic liquid that is distilled to make whisk(e)y.

100 Greatest Distilleries to Visit
Our team of writers around the world give you the distilleries you should visit.

December 2011, Issue 100, page 30

100 Greatest Whisky People
We highlight the people who have left a lasting legacy on the whisky world over the years.

December 2011, Issue 100, page 16

50 Monumental Bourbon Moments
To commemorate the 50 years since bourbon made history

July 2014, Issue 121, page 62

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50 not out
In these times when both job security and loyalty are so often at a premium, it seems remarkable that one man has worked for the same company for 50 years. Even in the Scotch whisky industry, where f...

January 1970, Issue 84, page 8

A balance of tradition and efficiency (Speyburn)
Deanston Distillery is something of a hidden gem. Ian Buxton visited it

April 2006, Issue 55, page 26

A book with a central Flaws
Guttered is a decadent and bawdy drinking romp. Perfect terrain for Jefferson Chase, then

June 2004, Issue 40, page 37

A bourbon thoroughbred
Stuart Maclean Ramsay was totally sedcued by Kentucky's smallest distillery, which uses Scottish copper pot stills and a rare method of distillation.

December 1999, Issue 7, page 30

A brave new world
The world of whisky may well still be dominated by the big five traditional producers,but they're no longer having it all their own way.Dominic Roskrow looks at the new wave of world whisky

September 2007, Issue 66, page 18

A Canadian Feast
Martine Nouet heads north for a challenging pairing

March 2011, Issue 94, page 52

A country beyond kentucky
Think American whiskey and you think Kentucky. But across the United States there are other options – including the biggest of them all

April 2008, Issue 71, page 38

A Decade of Challenges
Martine Nouetheads to Sweden to find out what has been happening at the country's foremost distillery

February 2012, Issue 101, page 34

A different beast
Canada's whisky industry is a pale imitation of what it once was. But if you're thinking of visiting its distilleries be prepared for a lot of travel – its few remaining distilleries are spread righ...

September 2007, Issue 66, page 32

A distillery seeped in history (Clynelish)
Ian Buxton travels North of Inverness to the remote distillery at Clynelish

July 2005, Issue 49, page 34

A dram online
Bruichladdich's Jim McEwan is set to bring his whisky tasting sessions into your home. Mike Gerrard reports

September 2003, Issue 33, page 23

A drop of the soft stuff
Ian Wisniewski assesses the effect of the water used in whisky production and as mixer on the drink we love

October 2002, Issue 26, page 52

A family affair
John Lamond examines the history of this independent distillery

July 2002, Issue 24, page 52

A Flirtatious Spirit
Ian Buxton heads north to find a Distillery in a basement

September 2012, Issue 106, page 40

A forgotten gem (Deanston)
Deanston is the least-known of Perthshire's six remaining distilleries. Ian Buxton visited it

March 2006, Issue 54, page 30

A frosty reception
Classic malt distillery Dalwhinnie is revamping its visitor experience. Dominic Roskrow spoke to the man charged with ringing the changes.

February 2010, Issue 86, page 44

A future classic from a modern distillery
John Lamond visits the Isle of Arran Distilleryy, a modern distillery that produces a whisky that may well have enthusiasts challenging their own perception of what is their favourite malt

April 2001, Issue 15, page 28

A gem in the eye of a storm (Cardhu)
Say the word ‘Cardhu' and it stirs up images of underhand dealings. But the distillery intrinsically linked to last year's scandal is charming and impressive, and its staff outstanding. Ian Buxton r...

January 2005, Issue 45, page 30

A great loss
Gavin D Smith charts the rise and fall of one of the largest distilleries in the Whisky City.

October 2009, Issue 83, page 32

A Highland Queen
A Custodian Collection from Tullibardine

January 2016, Issue 133, page 29

A Kuschty moment in time
Is rye whisky about to hit the big time? Dave thinks it certainly is...

March 2014, Issue 118, page 9

A life away from the waver
Robin Laing joins a group of enthusiasts heading up the Spey with paddles.

April 2010, Issue 87, page 50

A life of the unexpected
Jefferson Chase on Roald Dahl's unexpected endings, and how whisky featured in the work of a man famous for his children's books

April 2003, Issue 30, page 47

A Locavore's Tipple
Liza Weisstuch goes in search of slow food whiskey

February 2013, Issue 109, page 34

A lord among malts (Glenrothes)
Glenrothes has a formidable reputation as a single malt and is a key component in the internationally renowned Cutty Sark. Tom Bruce-Gardyne visited the distillery

December 2003, Issue 36, page 42

A Meeting of Minds
Joel Harrison heads to Leeds to check out an excellent food and whisky menu.

October 2011, Issue 99, page 56

A new dawn for Bowmore (Brian Morrison)
After 38 years in whisky, Brian Morrison, managing director of Morrison Bowmore Distillers, is retiring from his executie position to become Joint Chairman. He reminisces with Charles Maclean

February 2002, Issue 21, page 34

A new direction
Macallan’s new distillery marks a turning point for the brand and distillery designs

June 2018, Issue 152, page 40

A new flame (Kilchorman)
Gavin Smith takes a stroll by Kilchorman, the first new distillery of the millennium-and the first on Islay since 1883

February 2002, Issue 21, page 22

A new relationship
Beer guru Roger Protz looks at some oak aged beers on the market

December 2010, Issue 92, page 58

A perfumed world
Dave Broom explores the sensory experience of incense.

June 2010, Issue 88, page 20

A place in history
A small plastic vial marks a historic moment at the home of Writerís Tears and the Irishman brands

April 2018, Issue 150, page 40



Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Scotch Malt Whisky Society 64.15 Mannochmore 15 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 57.10%
8 Multifaceted and fascinating.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Dry Fly Straight Washington Wheat Whiskey
Wheat - U.S.A. - 45.00%
9 Fantastically complex with the oak playing second fiddle to the spirit character.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Chieftain's Choice Port Ellen 24 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 59.40%
8 Complex stuff going on here. A really rewarding Port Ellen.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Ardbeg Supernova Committee Release
Single Malt - Scotland - 55.00%
8 A big boy bruiser with a tender heart.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Master of Malt Ardbeg That Boutique-y Whisky Company
Blended Malt - Scotland - 51.90%
8 A perfect islander. More phenolic than smoky and so well balanced. The ocean in your glass. Bring the oysters!

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Batch 206 Old Log Cabin
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 43.00%
8 A lovely rye-heavy Bourbon with the right amount of alcohol to intensify the spices.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Dry Fly Cask Strength Wheat
Wheat - U.S.A. - 60.00%
8 ?Some will say this is bottled at too high a strength – I might have to agree with them, but the core of this whisky is excellent. One to disagree over.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Ichiro's Malt Card Joker
Single Malt - Japan - 57.70%
8 Now this is how I like my sherry matured whiskies, with a bit of age and oxidation notes to add character.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

291 Colorado Whiskey Single Barrel Colorado Rye Aspen Stave Finish Barrel #210
Rye - America - 47.50%
8 Very tasty indeed. It's simply expressed, but the avours are wonderful.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Smögen Triple
Single Malt - Sweden - 54.00%
8 Wears the soap. That soap diminishes a solid dram.

Old Particular Cameronbridge 25 Years Old
Single Grain - Scotland - 60.60%
8 Who says grain whiskies have no body? A fantastic, middle aged grain.

Feis Isle 2006 Laphroaig 94
Single Malt - Scotland - 0.00%
8 The reserved nose is compensated by a lively, palate. Laphroaig is bang on form.

Berry's Own Selection Blue Hanger 11th Limited Release
Blended Malt - Scotland - 45.60%
8 If you like grapefruits, this one's for you.

Dry Fly Triticale
Grain - U.S.A. - 42.00%
8 A big, rich classic Bourbon note to this one. Well played.

Whisky Magazine - Best Buy - Winner

Tomatin Five Virtues, Wood Edition
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
8 Have this as a half-and-half with a lambic, perhaps?

Black Bottle 10 Years Old
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
8 An uncompromising Islay blend. Washes along sea fragrances. But reveals a sweet nature on the palate. Grain and malt are well married. A good cure for Islay-sickness.

Whisky Magazine - Best Buy - Winner

Box Single Malt The Explorer
Single Malt - Sweden - 48.30%
8 Chocolatey flavours juxtapose with a dry palate and wood shavings.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Yoichi Single Malt
Single Malt - Japan - 55.00%
8 Powerful yet elegant. A yokozuna of malt whisky.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Yoichi Single Malt
Single Malt - Japan - 55.00%
8 Powerful yet elegant. A yokozuna of malt whisky.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Bruichladdich Celtic Nations
Blended Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
8 Seems to have stored all the ingredients for a healthy breakfast. A morning dram? Quite inviting.

Glenfiddich 30 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 Luxurious, but in a restrained, understated way.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Ichiro's Malt 1988 Single Malt Vintage
Single Malt - Japan - 56.00%
8 A pungent character. Warm phenolic and uncompromising but hiding a pleasant cereal sweetness. The alcoholic strength is somewhat burning though. Water helps but does not cut all the sharp edges.

Signatory Tullibardine 1973
Single Malt - Scotland - 49.60%
8 Rounder than a previous Signatory bottling at 1972.

291 Bad Boy Colorado Bourbon Whiskey Aspen Stave Finished
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 50.00%
8 A slight disconnect between nose and palate but give it time.

Balblair 2000
Single Malt - Scotland - 43.00%
7 A very subtle, and discreet Balblair but another addition to what has become a compelling range.

Elements of Islay BR4
Single Malt - Scotland - 54.70%
7 Easy and refreshing. Probably young. It needs a small dash of water to cut the edges. An invigorating dram on a wintery day.

Dun Bheagan Convalmore 1975 28 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 Ascetic. Complex. Cosmopolitan.

J. P. Wiser's Double Still Rye
Rye - Canada - 43.40%
7 A subtle rye whisky with more than a passing resemblance to an Irish grain whiskey.

Aultmore 18 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 Water washes out some of the interesting characters. The palate wasn't as expressive as the nose, but is still pleasant.

Lagavulin 12 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 56.10%
7 This whisky seems to have matured in tired casks. Quite harsh. Water cuts the edges but does not give it style.

Signatory Caol Ila 1981 Cask Strength
Single Malt - Scotland - 62.50%
7 Quite sharp at the beginning then gradually softening. Fruitier than previous Signatory bottlings. Very sensitive to dilution.

Sullivans Cove Double Cask
Single Malt - Australia - 40.00%
7 Interesting. A touch green/bitter for my taste.

Berrys' Own Selection Glentauchers 1996
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 I really enjoyed the flavour journey, but the length just wasn't there.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Port Ellen Batch 5
Single Malt - Scotland - 47.10%
7 Sweet, salty and smoky. Ticking all those Islay boxes.

Wemyss Vintage Malts Oak Apple 1988
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 A whispering whisky,especially on the nose. Will not stand in front of big guys in tastings.But I like its fresh delicacy.



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