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Whisky Magazine writer - Robin Laing

Issue 149 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 149

Kingsman - Taste of Africa - Ncn'ean Distillery - Clydeside - Diageo Specials - Green Spot



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Robin Laing

A life away from the waver
Robin Laing joins a group of enthusiasts heading up the Spey with paddles.

April 2010, Issue 87, page 50

A region once again (Campbeltown)
Robin Laing packs his bags and heads out to Campbeltown to find whisky production is thriving again

April 2007, Issue 63, page 54

Saints and sinner
Robin Laing delves in to the historical connections between the country's saints and the water of life

November 2006, Issue 60, page 52

Kentucky calling
Whisky musician Robin Laing experiences the Kentucky Bourbon Festival for the first time and finds a home from home.

October 2006, Issue 59, page 51

Ghosts in the works
Ghosts are a common feature in whisky distilleries. Robin Laing goes in search of some of the most famous onces

August 2006, Issue 58, page 50

Don't go against the grain
Despite views to the contrary,grain whisky can be pretty sensational - and great value for money.

March 2006, Issue 54, page 50

Let Glasgow flourish
Glasgow has a long association with whisky. Robin Laing tells its story

July 2005, Issue 49, page 48

Seeking inspiration from a dram
Whisky has long helped provide the inspiration for some artists. Glenfiddich even provides a home for artists each year. Robin Laing looks at the connection.

January 2005, Issue 45, page 22

A cure for hiccups
Robin Laing takes a gentle stroll with his friend through Speyside

November 2004, Issue 44, page 34

Aotearoa excellence
Singer and whisky lover Robin Laing was fascinated to discover that New Zealand has a long whisky-making tradition when he toured there recently. Here he tells its story

July 2003, Issue 32, page 48

Whisky Magazine Issue 87

Whisky Magazine Issue 87
Awards Edition - Best Whiskies in the World 2010.

Published April 2010.

Whisky Magazine Issue 63

Whisky Magazine Issue 63
World Whiskies Awards - The Best Whiskies in the World - New distilleries - Balblair Vintages - Kentucky Visitors Guide - Whisky and Food - Port Ellen and more....

Published April 2007.

Whisky Magazine Issue 60

Whisky Magazine Issue 60
Praban na Linne - Grain production - Marmalade - Laphroaig - Cocktail time - Whisky Islands - New Zealand illicit stills - Hokonui - Compass Box - Old Pulteney - Dewar Rattray.

Published November 2006.

Whisky Magazine Issue 59

Whisky Magazine Issue 59
The Blenders Art - Kentucky Bourbon Festival - First look at reopened Scapa - Whiskey rebellion - The price of malts - 40 whiskies reviewed - Milling Malts - American Ads - Glenrothes Dinners.

Published October 2006.

Whisky Magazine Issue 58

Whisky Magazine Issue 58
Independent Bottlers Challenge - Setting up your own distillery - World of the whisky ambassador - Royal Lochnagar - Guide to Ireland - Goat Fell - Distillery Ghosts - Canadian Blends.

Published August 2006.

Whisky Magazine Issue 54

Whisky Magazine Issue 54
Icons of Whisky 2006 - Islay & Jura guide - Grain whisky - Bourbon's future - Cask strength Higlanders - Deanston.

Published March 2006.

Whisky Magazine Issue 49

Whisky Magazine Issue 49
Kentucky Bourbon - Glasgow Scotland's whisky city - A world of whisky tasting from across the globe - How to be nosey - Lagavulin - Heaven Hill - Cragganmore - The art of blending - Liqueurs.

Published July 2005.

Whisky Magazine Issue 45

Whisky Magazine Issue 45
Whisky and Art - Young Malts - Whisky on the Web - Tullibardine - Cardhu - Heaven Hill - Blends vs Malts.

Published January 2005.

Whisky Magazine Issue 44

Whisky Magazine Issue 44
Celtic Cousins - Whisky from Wales, Cornwall and Brittany - Balblair Distillery - Blended whisky tasting - Chicago bars - Amber restaurant.

Published November 2004.

Whisky Magazine Issue 32

Whisky Magazine Issue 32
Brian Cox - Whisky down under - Silent Stills - Speyside Festival.

Published July 2003.

World Whiskies Awards 2008 - World's Best Blended Malt Whisky - Winner

Blue Hanger 3rd Release 30 Years Old
Blended Malt - Scotland - 45.60%
8 By definition vatted malts are designed to iron out blemishes but rarely rise above the good or very good. This is exceptional not just against this competition but in any categoryof whisky. Outstandi...

MacDonald's Glencoe 8 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 58.00%
7 A warm comfort blanket of flavours.

Monkey Shoulder
Blended Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
6 Immaculately attired and perfectly pleasant.

Nikka Pure Malt White
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
7 Very different,utterly beguiling and cleverly constructed.

Nikka Pure Malt Black
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
7 A delicatessen whisky which quietly earns your respect.

Nikka Pure Malt Red
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
7 A classy and sophisticated all-rounder.

Nikka Super Nikka Malt
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
7 A growling bear among a bunch of deer-like whiskies.This is a good thing. The mushroomy noteis one I associate with new Japanese whiskies.

Taketsuru 12 Years old
Blended - Japan - 40.00%
6 Beautifully presented with fruit and barley working together. But a tad polite and falls just short of superstar status.

World Whiskies Awards 2012 - World's Best Blended Malt Whisky - Winner

Taketsuru 17 Years Old
Blended - Japan - 43.00%
6 A savoury whisky to accompany smoked cheese of pickled fish?

World Whiskies Awards 2011 - World's Best Blended Malt Whisky - Winner

Taketsuru 21 Years old
Blended Malt - Japan - 43.00%
7 Sweet enough to be attractive,sharp enough not to be cloying and spicy enough to prickle the tastebuds. A winner.

The Peat Chimney
Blended - Scotland - 43.00%
7 Not subtle but does what it sets out to do.

The Six Isles
Blended - Scotland - 43.00%
7 A classy introduction to island peated malts.

The Smooth Gentleman
- Scotland - 43.00%
6 Well constructed,very refreshing and quite complex.

The Spice King
- Scotland - 43.00%
6 Zingy fruit salad,ordered and clean.

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