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Issue 102 - Editor's Word

Whisky Magazine Issue 102
March 2012


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Editor's Word

We live in a very noisy and auditorily overloaded world. Traffic noise, constant music from various sources, tannoy announcements, machinery drones and groans. It is almost a constant presence whether we like it or not.

Sometimes sounds do not have to be irritating. Now I know you cannot listen to whisky in the glass, well unless it is ice crackling as you pour it in, but whisky has its own soundtrack: the satisfying pop of the cork and the pleasing glug as you pour the dram out; all adding to the experience of tasting, enjoying and sharing.

Matching whisky and music is another aspect that can give a different layer to the whisky tasting the experience. Of course music is as subjective as tasting, not one is going to like everything and some might not even see the point, but I reckon it is worth a try, it's not going to hurt.

For some trying to link drams to tunes it is classic rock, for others it is classical music or Jazz that work best when tasting whiskies.

Themes and variations mimicking the unfolding flavours in the glass. Some take it even further with musical matching: bluegrass and alt-country with Bourbon and Rye, and culturally specific music with world whiskies: Gagaku (Japanese classical music) or a Taiko drum session with Japanese whisky. Let's not even delve into the subject of which deliver method is best: vinyl, tape or data file (audiophiles would of course say vinyl for the warmth and depth).

Taking it this far could be very fun. What ever your choice ...

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