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Issue 111 - Flava Dave

Whisky Magazine Issue 111
April 2013


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Flava Dave

Dave muses on Dewar's move into the flavoured categor

At the time of writing, there is what we in Scotland call a stooshie (*), or at least the beginnings of one, regarding a new product from Dewar's. Whether this stooshie will turn into a full-blown stramash (†) is as yet unclear, but it has the potential to. Dewar's in its wisdom has decided to launch Highlander Honey, a whisky flavoured with, well I reckon you can work that out, although in the way of such things, the honey has been “handselected” which sounds like a fairly sticky business to me.

Of course, I've probably already made a mistake in saying “whisky, flavoured with”, for although this is whisky-based, it is not ‘Whisky', and cannot be sold as such because it's had flavour added to it as any additions (hand-selected or not) are not allowed under the Scotch Whisky Act. The SWA is already making noises about whether the way Highlander Honey looks and is sold puts it in too-close proximity to Scotch, part of our stooshie. The other part is, of course, the flavouring of Scotch itself. Do I have a problem with this I hear you ask? No. I do it myself. On the table behind me are a host of bottles of whisky which have been ‘adulterated.' There's one in which cherries cinnamon and pepper have rested, another with wormwood, chamomile and other herbs and roots, a whisky bitters, another that's had orange, caraway and cinnamon added. Then there's more outré ones, a reworked Usquebaugh with saffron colouring and one just influenced by herbs. Madness? Maybe, but ...

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