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Issue 113 - Whisky as an "investment"

Whisky Magazine Issue 113
July 2013


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Whisky as an "investment"

The financial crisis is over, folks. Good times are back, and it's time to start investing again.
What's that? You say the value of your home is still less than your mortgage, your investment portfolio consists of lottery tickets, and you dread going into work each day for fear that you'll be called in for a “chat” with Human Resources and walk out with a redundancy package?

Nonsense, dear reader…now's the perfect time to take what cash you have and invest it.

Gold? Too expensive… Blue-Chip Stocks? Yeah, right… Collateralised mortgage obligations with hundreds of home loans bundled together? Wait, that's what got us into the last mess… Better invest in something you know, something you can hold in your hand and lovingly caress, an investment that gives you liquidity; better yet, why not invest in a liquid itself?

The very fact that you're reading this magazine is a clear indication that you know and love whisky, and that makes you an expert! Time to profit from all of those dusty bottles in your closet…what could possibly go wrong?

Reality check, folks!

Several months ago, I railed about the inherent problems with whisky auctions, but the potential issues with whisky as a legitimate “investment vehicle” make whisky auctions look like a Girl Scout cookie sale.

As a former business journalist, let me put the propeller-beanie on for a minute to explain. The mortgage mess of 2008 started with high-risk home mortgages that were packaged into bundles and sol...

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