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Issue 122 - Ask the Expert

Whisky Magazine Issue 122
September 2014


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Ask the Expert

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Please can you advise me of the value of a cask of Bruichladdich whisky laid down on the 25th November 2002, gauged to 145.1 litres? F MacKenzie by email

The Bruichladdich cask scheme and futures offering were phenomenally popular, and the cash flow from whisky enthusiasts gave the company some welcome capital to spend on laying down stocks in the early years after the reopening in 2001. I imagine there are quite a few Whisky Magazine readers anticipating the maturation of their own cask of Bruichalddich single malt whisky. I'm assuming that your cask was an ex-bourbon barrel with a 200 litre capacity as it was filled in 2002. However, Bruichladdich offered other types such as wine casks in later years. As your whisky approaches 12 years in wood, those Ileach angels have taken over 25 per cent of the total volume as it has mellowed and matured. However, console yourself with the knowledge that this is still less than a cumulative loss of 2 per cent of the residual volume per year. Without knowing the exact type of cask and the alcohol strength of your whisky, it is impossible to give you a meaningful market valuation. The Bruichladdich scheme offered cask owners a buy back option through the company, but you have other choices such as selling to brokers, independent bottlers or approaching an auctioneer, depending on your purpose for the whisky when you ordered the filling. My advice on this subject to some Springbank cask owners in Issue 120 led to a flurry of interest fro...

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