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Issue 123 - The Miniature World of Whiskies

Whisky Magazine Issue 123
October 2014


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The Miniature World of Whiskies

Neil examines the industry's purpose in sending these out

Hello Neil...' began the random Facebook message, as I sat idly playing with my phone recently.

'Can you help me for obtain these mini only for bloggers please?' was the next, slightly garbled line. Fortunately, it was accompanied with a picture of a miniature Ardbeg bottle, a sample of Supernova, the latest release from the Islay distillery.

'Can you obtain one for me please?'

'Please Neil.'

'Help me friend.'

'Please my friend.'

'I'm desperate for obtain these mini for my collection minis whisky.'

'Is it possible obtain please?'


These, and the other 38 direct messages I received soon after, gave me a fairly detailed insight into the rather, shall we say ‘intense' world of the whisky miniature collector; a realm where only those bold enough to pester the living daylights will prosper.

To be fair, collecting anything is a fairly intensive process. From stamps to Star Wars figures (yes, rather embarrassingly, I collect the latter) the thrill is mostly in the chase. Locating a rarity before your contemporaries do, for a wholly reasonable price (‘Man Maths' can often apply here though) is the shot of adrenaline, the hit or buzz that keeps one going until the next acquisition.

However, the issue I have here directly relates to whisky brands capitalising on such a scenario. Clearly, all publicity is good publicity and brands go to great lengths to develop the radiance of fame around them. When promo miniatures and other items fetch exorbitant prices...

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