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Issue 124 - Uisge Source – The final Cut

Whisky Magazine Issue 124
December 2014


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Uisge Source – The final Cut

Is the provenance of water overlooked?

I recently experienced what my farming friend calls the ‘Ten Steak Experience'. My fellow guests and I sampled our way through ten different cuts of his lovingly produced beef which is nurtured on his farm. I left feeling very well fed, but also appreciating that from the first moment of conception to the final delivery of the steak to your mouth there is plenty of room for error. Error that will affect the quality of that final tasting experience.

So consider this the next time you reduce your dram with a splash of water. The liquid in your glass has been crafted through production and matured over years. It may then be blended, reduced, filtered, coloured and then bottled, packaged and set on its way into the world. The marketeers will have created the brand and the PR people will think of ever ingenious ways to bring it to your notice. Most consumers would be astonished if they knew how many checks are made along the way to avoid anything effecting the final deliverance when you take your first sip.

I suspect that somewhere out there, there is a book called The Rules of Whisky. I have never found it, but if you find a copy please let me know. One of the ‘rules' is that you shouldn't put water in your whisky. My mantra is that when you have a whisky in your glass, it's your whisky to enjoy how you like. That said, I do generally reduce the strength of my dram and encourage others to do the same. This advice was given to me by Ed Dodson, the distillery manager at Gl...

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