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Issue 134 - What's Your Poison?

Whisky Magazine Issue 134
March 2016


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What's Your Poison?

Calculating your daily intake

Here's a question for you all. How much do you think you drink? By that, I mean, really actually drink?

Truth be told, I haven't got the faintest idea how to answer such a question.

Let's put it another way: How many people look at every label on the food in their cupboards and plan a perfectly balanced calorific week of meals? Those with a keener – possibly meaner eye than most, that's who.

The reason I bring this up is not to point the finger at how unbelievably lazy the majority of us are (as a nation of gluttons and drunks), but actually to highlight the absurd difficulty in accurately calculating quite what we all consume.

Until last month, the suggested limits for alcohol consumption in the UK were troublingly ambiguous. Regulatory guidelines set by the Government back in 1995 sought to establish that anything over 21 units a week for the average man was probably too much, whilst 14 units was deemed the threshold for women. They didn't really make any provision as to the recovery time of one's liver and made no attempt to hint that drinking all 21 units in one go was probably not such a good idea. Quite why the fairer sex was also singled out for less of a good time is questionable, but let me ask you again. Would you really be able to identify exactly what 21 (or 14 units, ladies) looked like, if I handed you a variety of wines, beers and spirits? It's not a trick question. If anything, it's an impossible question to accurately answer.

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