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Issue 136 - It's All About the Pouring

Whisky Magazine Issue 136
June 2016


This article is 25 months old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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It's All About the Pouring

The role of the Whiskey Brand Ambassador

His back hurts. But he must pour. Her feet hurt. But she must pour. He's been on the road for 100 straight days introducing his company's line of whiskies to big liquor stores, small bars and to the occasional media member who smiles and listens to the technical aspects of making whiskey, but Johnny Journalist is just there for the free whiskey. Johnny may not write about it, and the Whiskey Brand Ambassador missed FaceTiming with his son to pour his brand.

She's in her third city in four days and spends more time showing men that yes, a young woman actually knows more about whiskey than the 60 year old arthritic bartender who has been mindlessly pouring Bourbon at the Country Club. But she pours. She's the Whiskey Brand Ambassador and corporate is considering her for a larger role. She's going places.

He's in his mid 40s and loves the whiskey history, the taste, the agricultural connection and the consumers. He especially loves pouring for new consumers at whiskey events, but he hates the loads of nonsense marketers force down his throat. When he first took the job as Whiskey Brand Ambassador, he fought the higher ups when it came to silly ideas. Now, he just falls in line. He hates it, but he pours and sells whatever he's told to sell.

She's in her early 30s, worked her way up from the backbar to regional award-winning bartender to high-level whiskey aficionado. From the moment she took this Whiskey Brand Ambassador job, she's heard the quiet sexual jeers, but she's stro...

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