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Issue 150 - The Orphan Whiskey Flask

Whisky Magazine Issue 150
April 2018


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The Orphan Whiskey Flask

The joy of discovering long lost hip flasks

Letís move the dresser cabinet TV thingy," my wife tells me at the start of the weekend. She referred to a giant piece of furniture taking up our bedroom for the past decade. It was time to move it. She wants new furniture.

I embarked on the cleaning process in which I pulled out books, pieces of paper, pens, axe (yes, I have an axe in my cabinet thingy; a Carrie Nation axe, to be exact), coins, old passports and a bunch of other stuff.

This thingy collecting dust was where I dropped my wallet and everything in between apparently. As I was digging in the back, pulling a few wires, flip cell phone cords, I saw a reflection. It was in the corner, so I had to reach back, sticking my whole arm into the corner.

The cold stainless steel flask swished and sloshed as I pulled it forward. It was circular and pristine. The reflection showed my face with perfect carnival-mirror shape. Hmmmm, whatís in here? I wondered looking at it.

I twisted the cap off and looked underneath the lid. Sometimes rust forms in flasks sitting away. Rust really throws off the flavour of whiskey, too, so always make sure youíre buying the stainless steel flasks. The nickel, manganese and chromium make it rust resistant.

I then brought the half-dime size opening to my nose, waft it around. Whoa, whatís in there?

I started pondering my lost flasks; and frankly, I couldnít remember what I poured. Then, on the second smell, I recalled a special bottle I snuck into the Kentucky Derby once v...

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