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Issue 150 - Back in the day

Whisky Magazine Issue 150
April 2018


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Back in the day

Looking back over how things have evolved for the whisky devotee

Ted Britton walked out of my life a couple of years ago. Brittonís news shop had been an Ottawa fixture for decades until profitability slowly eroded in the face of declining magazine and cigarette sales. Rumours has it that gentrified rents struck the killing blow, but perhaps that is just because the shop sits vacant, a community gathering spot turned eyesore.

Nearly twenty years ago I picked up a magazine in Brittonís that Iíd not seen before. Turned out it was the inaugural issue of this one.

Charlie MacLean was the editor and among the writers, a guy called Dave Broom who later became my kind, generous and unofficial mentor. The whisky web was still in its infancy then. One of the few noncommercial websites with any real following was Johannes van den Heuvalís Malt Madness.

Johannes was keen to share his love of whisky and soon there were six of us contributing to a collective effort we called the Maltmaniacs.

Weíre still active, especially on Facebook where our global network has surged to over 15,000 members. Today we can go anywhere in the world and find a malt maniac waiting to greet us and share stories and a dram. Something happened ten or twelve years ago though, that challenged print whisky media.

Seems everyone who had tasted even one single malt thought their next step should be to start a website.

As the same thing happened in other hobbies, Tedís magazine sales began to decline. With an exploding on-line whisky community, marketers saw...

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