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Issue 150 - A place in history

Whisky Magazine Issue 150
April 2018


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A place in history

A small plastic vial marks a historic moment at the home of Writerís Tears and the Irishman brands

Sometimes you visit a distillery when there is something amazing happening. I mean letís face it, the entire alchemy of distillation is pretty impressive really; but there are those moments that make you truly stop and think. Perhaps you are there when the distillery is taking delivery of its stills, or the first time the spirit has run from those stills, perhaps new washbacks are being commissioned or even changing grain variety, something just to make you stop and wonder at the joy of this age old process of removing delicious spirit from grain.

However, the day I visited Walsh Distillery in Carlow went just a little bit beyond this. There are only a handful of times that you visit a place when history is in the making. There is this tiny plastic vial in front of me, quite innocuous, which marks that slice of distilling history; a true worldís first - organic pot still.

Thankfully this little sample of clear distillate lived up to its moment in the spotlight: yeasty, vibrant, clean, fruity and packed with orchard fruits.

Itís not an easy road setting up your own distillery, and then to push for organic certification generally adds another layer of worry, for want of a better word. But in the first week of January, Walsh Whiskey Distillery, at Royal Oak, decided to go for it, and the preparation work paid off.

Head distiller Lisa Ryan explains that the process to get accreditation was a huge challenge for the distillery. She adds: "You have to crawl through th...

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