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Whisky Magazine Issue 18

Whisky Magazine Issue 18

Whisky Magazine Issue 18

In this issue - Whisky & Cigars - Islay Whisky Festival - Glenmorangie

Published September 2001

From the Editor
For us whisky enthusiasts, there are few places we'd rather be than on Islay during the whisky festival (see Dave Broom's diary, pages 20-22). I had the good fortune to stay on the island as a guest ...

September 2001, Issue 18, page 5

Picture perfect
Harry Cory Wright accompanied Michael Jackson while he researched Scotland and its Whiskies. Diary extracts complement his stunning images

September 2001, Issue 18, page 16

Feis Ile 2001
Dave Broom takes up residence on Islay for the duration of the whisky festival and enjoys a seemingly never ending spiral of whisky served in half-pint glasses, oysters, cigars and dancing – he even...

September 2001, Issue 18, page 20

Smoke less, smoke better
James Leavey avoids the anti-smoking lobby and cigar flavoured coffee in order to update Whisky Magazine readers on what's been happening to the world's favourite cigars – Havanas

September 2001, Issue 18, page 24

From seed to smoke - the making of hand-rolled Havanas
James Leavey takes us through the production of a cigar – from tobacco seed to cedar wood box

September 2001, Issue 18, page 26

Swapping the Bentley for a BMW
If you don't have the money to burn on the Bentley of cigars, the Cuban, there is always the chance to find a cheaper alternative. Chris Orr offers the less financially well endowed the chance to tes...

September 2001, Issue 18, page 28

Up in smoke
Marcin Miller and friends light up and savour a dozen whiskies and half a dozen cigars

September 2001, Issue 18, page 30

Pilgrim's progress to whisky Mecca (Glenmorangie)
Despite the advance of time, Tain continues to be a sacred destination for pilgrims the world over. John Lamond believes Glenmorangie Distillery may be a reason for the area's continued popularity

September 2001, Issue 18, page 34

The essential distillery guide
Duncan and Wendy Graham have travelled to every corner of Scotland in researching their book Visiting Distilleries. We asked them to pick the ten best visitor centres

September 2001, Issue 18, page 38

The Life of Brian
John Lamond talks to the man behind The VIntage Malt Whisky Company, Brian Crook, who is making a big noise with a small, independent, company

September 2001, Issue 18, page 44

Limited expressions
Neil Wilson casts his eye over some recent reissues of classic whisky books

September 2001, Issue 18, page 48

Whisky woe in Wales
Charles MacLean recalls a bygone era when distinguished gentlemen with a love of alliteration decided to distil whisky in Wales – only to have their brave venture scuppered by suspect casks and the ...

September 2001, Issue 18, page 50

Dinner with the companions of Aberlour
Martine Nouet couldn't wait to take up Aberlour's challenge of creating a whisky inspired menu for a dinner at the distillery during the Speyside Festival. Here she details what she came up with and h...

September 2001, Issue 18, page 54

Whisky: even in spirit
There is a plethora of special finish styles and now there's a trend for maturation in spirit barrels: is this a progressive move or a gimmick that will outrage traditionalists? Ian Wisniewski investi...

September 2001, Issue 18, page 58

From hacks to hospitality (The Scotsman Hotel)
Tom Bruce-Gardyne visits the heart of Edinburgh and a new luxury hotel that has taken over the former home of Scotland's national newspaper – The Scotsman Hotel

September 2001, Issue 18, page 60

Planes, brand names and very good deals
Martin Moodie reports on duty free stores that have abandoned the “stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap” mentality and become innovative, enticing and packed full of whisky delights to tempt the tra...

September 2001, Issue 18, page 62

Whisky on the rock cakes
John Haydock gets the call to help design and build a visitor centre where whisky souvenirs sell like hot cakes... and rolls ... and bread ... and scones ... and so on

September 2001, Issue 18, page 82

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Ardbeg 1977
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
9 Cleaner, more lemony and oily, and less assertive, than the 24 Years Old duty free edition.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

The Balvenie 1970 Vintage Cask
Single Malt - Scotland - 44.60%
9 Extraordinarily distinctive. All the characteristics I expect in Balvenie, but I have never experienced them in such a concentrated intensity.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

The Macallan Thirties
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
9 With its floweriness and a hint of peat, this seems to me a classic old-style Speysider.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Adelphi Dailuaine 21 Years Old, Cask 4150
Single Malt - Scotland - 56.10%
8 The confident virtues of a good Speyside whisky: malt, heather and peat. Well-combined but without either refinements or flourishes.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Ballantine's Limited
Blended - Scotland - 43.00%
8 Much more sherryish than the colour suggests. Sweet. Sponge fingers. I wouldn't have recognised it as a Ballantine's.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Bushmills 1608 Reserve
Blended - Ireland - 40.00%
8 Very rich and sweet, but still a Bushmills.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Cutty Sark 25 Years Old
Blended - Scotland - 45.70%
8 The extra years serve Cutty well. It is confident, expressive, expansive.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Famous Grouse 1989 Vintage Malt
Blended Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 The Grouse enthusiast who tastes this vatted version will be seduced by it. The aromas and flavours suggest malts from the company's own distilleries – and perhaps a little more Highland Park than l...

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

The Balvenie Islay Cask, 17 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 43.00%
8 Reminiscent of the days when Speysiders were peatier.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

The Macallan Fifties
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 Closest to The Macallan of today, appropriately enough.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

The Macallan Forties
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 A similar style to 30s but less delicate and more robust.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

The Macallan Twenties
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 Despite a relatively full colour, suggesting plenty of sherry, the Macallan flavours shine through. The driest of these bottlings.

Aberlour 12 Years Old, Sherry Cask
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 Well-rounded, but the balancing dryness can be slightly bitter.

Aberlour 15 Years Old, Double Cask
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%

Aberlour 1990
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
8 On this occasion the vintage bottling had the most typical Aberlour character, especially in its spiciness. I also enjoyed its liveliness and complexity. The best Aberlour on the day.

Blackadder Mortlach 1989
Single Malt - Scotland - 60.50%
8 Enjoyable, with an appropriate touch of earthy rawness, but not as statuesque as this elegant whisky can be.

Bowmore Surf, 25 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 43.00%
7 A light, smooth, Bowmore that might attract younger drinkers.

Eagle Rare 10 Years Old, Single Barrel
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 50.50%
7 More delicate and restrained than I expect from Eagle Rare...distinctly the sweeter of the Bourbons in this tasting.

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 The fruitiest of the Bourbons. After dinner?

Glen Moray 1981 Single Sherry Butt
Single Malt - Scotland - 57.70%
7 The richness of the whisky more than balances the slight woodiness. This is delicious. Glen Moray with maturity-and dimension-than we can usually experience.

Gordon & MacPhail Tamdhu 1981 Reserve
Single Malt - Scotland - 43.00%
7 No, I don't think I was being suggestible. An unusually complex Tamdhu.

Old Malt Cask Ardbeg 24 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 50.00%
8 Full of flavour and complexity, but less challenging than some Ardbegs. More peaty than the bottling reviewed among new releases. Some woodiness.

Old Malt Cask Port Ellen 1979 Sherry Cask 21 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 50.00%
8 Port Ellen had such a distinctive character. This seems to be one of the less robust bottlings, yet has some character.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Caol Ila 7 Years Old, 53.50
Single Malt - Scotland - 62.10%
8 Young and hot. If that sounds flirtatiously sexy, you have the right idea.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Glenlivet 24 Years Old, 2.35
Single Malt - Scotland - 61.00%
7 A heavily sherried whisky that is nonetheless surprisingly lively for its age.

The Glenlivet 12 Years Old American Oak Finish
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
7 Lacks the subtlety of a more conventional Glenlivet, but will charm some consumers with a richer, creamier, style. Very drinkable indeed.

The Macallan 10 Years Old, Cask Strength
Single Malt - Scotland - 58.80%
8 With its distinctly reddish chestnut colour, this is clearly well sherried. An uncomplicated, robust, Macallan. Simply delicious.

Tomatin 10 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
7 Simple and straight forward but well composed and enjoyable. A reliable, solid, malt. I always enjoy it.

Tullamore Dew Heritage
Blended - Ireland - 40.00%
7 Deserves points for daring to be so sweet.

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