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Whisky Magazine Issue 19

Whisky Magazine Issue 19

Whisky Magazine Issue 19

In this issue - Jimmy Russell - Japanese Whisky - Illicit Distilling - Bourbon Tasting

Published November 2001

From the Editor
As has been mentioned before in the pages of Whisky Magazine, the appreciation of whisky is a convivial pursuit. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than on adventures such as the Classic Malts Cruise...

November 2001, Issue 19, page 5

The yellow coat
Michael Jackson enjoys a Glenkinchie or two and celebrates the unbuttoning of Edinburgh

November 2001, Issue 19, page 7

Fishing for consumers
Dave Broom considers the merits of the Flying Lure when fishing for bass and one-dimensional, ole-fashioned whisky advertising

November 2001, Issue 19, page 8

Laphroaig Bessie's legacy
Laphroaig Distillery has released the oldest whisky it has ever bottled, the very limited edition 1960 Vintage Reserve laid down by the legendary Bessie Williamson. Bessie, one of the foremost lady ...

November 2001, Issue 19, page 10

The gentle man from Kentucky
Stuart Maclean Ramsay catches up with wild Turkey's Jimmy Russell, roving bourbon ambassador, family man and true Kentucky gentleman.

November 2001, Issue 19, page 18

A special relationship
Michael Jackson takes a reflective look at Japan, Scotland and whisky

November 2001, Issue 19, page 24

Tokyo does it the Speyside Way (The Speyside Way)
Taylor Smisson claims that Scotland doesn't have the monopoly on world-class Scotch malt whisky bars and visits Tokyo's The Speyside Way bar to prove his point

November 2001, Issue 19, page 28

The times they are a-changin' (Springbank)
Campbeltown was the one-time whisky capital that experienced a catastrophic boom and bust. Dave Broom explains how Springbank, by sharing the same mentality and philosophy as Bob Dylan, are well posi...

November 2001, Issue 19, page 34

Star performers
Tom Bruce-Gardyne talks to Fred and Stewart Laing, the independent bottlers who are not only brothers and business partners but a potentially successful cabaret duo as well

November 2001, Issue 19, page 38

Still very important
Ian Wisniewski explains how differing still designs influence the style and flavour of whisky

November 2001, Issue 19, page 42

Walking through whisky country
"It's only through flavour that we'll understand whisky and maybe it's only by walking the country that we'll understand flavour," says Dave Broom after climbing Ben Rinnes and Lochnagar with disting...

November 2001, Issue 19, page 48

Quenching the thirst for exploration
Scott Longman recalls the tale of two 19th century heroes who, when requested to do so by the President, pushed back the frontiers of America – with the help of 120 gallons of whiskey

November 2001, Issue 19, page 52

Elusive and illicit Speyside spirit
Gavin Smith traces the reportedly romantic but often mercenary history of illicit distilling in Speyside

November 2001, Issue 19, page 56

A truly Scottish invention
Brian Hennigan reaches the controversial conclusion that if you want a real McCoy whisky con or rip-off then the only place to go is Scotland

November 2001, Issue 19, page 60

The black sheep of the family (The Whisky Shop)
Tom Bruce-Gardyne talks to self-confessed black sheep of the family, Peter Semple, who almost by accident found himself eventually running the largest chain of independent whisky shops in the UK

November 2001, Issue 19, page 66

Racing horses and drinking bourbon
Ken Hoskins visits Churchill Downs racetrack in Kentucky in an attempt to understand the people of Kentucky's keen taste for horse racing, bourbon and the Mint Julep

November 2001, Issue 19, page 68

In conversation (Richard Gordon)
Charles MacLean talks to Richard Gordon, Managing Director of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, the world's premier whisky club – now in its 18th year

November 2001, Issue 19, page 85

Haydock: cask strength and un-chill filtered
John Haydock attacks Whisky Magazine's policy on editorial censorship and questions the sexual orientation of Distillery Managers. Actually we cut that paragraph out, it was a little too racey ... sor...

November 2001, Issue 19, page 90

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Bruichladdich 20 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
8 Rounded, balanced and complex. Too expensive to pour on my porridge before an early morning walk on the Big Strand? I'll economise. I'll skip the porridge.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Glenfiddich 1965 Vintage Reserve
Single Malt - Scotland - 47.80%
8 A playful whisky for one of such maturity. Starting very sweetly, but reluctant to reveal its secrets. Give it time to reveal its complexity.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Wild Turkey 8 Years Old, 101
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 50.50%
8 A huge whiskey. Put together with style and sophistication, but still with all the robustness of a true bourbon. A classic, of course. A Clint Eastwood of whiskeys.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Booker's 6 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 63.25%
8 Wonderfully expansive. Seems to embrace the tastes of the south, all the way from Kentucky to Louisiana.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Pappy Van Winkle 20 Years Old, Family Reserve
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.20%
8 Showing its age, but I like its big, earthy, old-fashioned American flavours.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Wild Turkey 10 Years Old, Russell's Reserve
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 50.50%
8 Slightly austere and cerebral. One to sip while watching a video of an art-house movie.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.20%
8 Seductive. I found myself using such post-prandial language. Will she respect me in the morning?

Adelphi Tullibardine 35 Years Old, Cask 2112
Single Malt - Scotland - 54.60%
7 Tullibardine is a gentle, civilised, malt that seems to live in obscurity. Nice to be reminded of its existence. Could be a golfers dram – the distillery is near Gleneagles.

American Biker Sour Mash Bourbon, 6 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 43.00%
6 The bourbon counterpart to long-neck Bud?

Antiquary 21 Years Old
Blended - Scotland - 43.00%
8 Robust, hearty, embracing. Not much subtlety, but it knows its own mind. Very enjoyable. I imagine this with a decadent meal in Tangier.

World Whiskies Awards 2007 - World's Best American Whiskey - Winner

Baker's 7 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 53.50%
8 With dessert, or after dinner. A lovely, soothing, whiskey.

Basil Hayden's Small Batch, 8 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 40.00%
8 Complex, delicate, feminine.

Bowmore Dawn
Single Malt - Scotland - 51.50%
8 Wood finishes are still fun and may recruit new enthusiasts for malt. Dawn, Dusk, Voyager...this is becoming confusing. Of those three (Port, Bordeaux and Port again), Dawn seems the lightest all-roun...

Bulleit Original Bourbon
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
7 The cowboy allusions on the neck-label suggest a rough, frontier whisky. Maybe this soothing spirit is just for urban cowboys. It has more of the blacktop than the Badlands.

Eagle Rare 17 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
7 Some interesting flavours, with lots of dimensions, but no balance or structure. I'm not wild about Angel Delight.

Early Times 354 Bourbon
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 40.00%
7 Pleasant. Easy drinking for a pre-bourbon novice. Perhaps a little unfair to judge it in this company.

Evan Williams 1991, Single Barrel
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 43.30%
8 Where did she go? Will she return?

Four Roses Bourbon
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 40.00%
7 Even the colour is pale. This is a very gentle introduction to bourbon, but with all the elements.

George A. Dickel's Tennessee Whisky No. 12
Tennessee - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 Not as smoky and char-like as I remember. Very enjoyable, but less obviously Tennessean.

Glengoyne Scottish Oak Finish
Single Malt - Scotland - 53.50%
7 A rather eccentric version of Glengoyne. Very distinctive. A digestive after Thai food or even a curry?

Jefferson's Reserve 15 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.10%
8 Stylish and disarming, but not to be taken lightly. Reminds me of Kentucky's greatest boxer.

Knob Creek 9 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 50.00%
8 Teasing interplay of sweetness and dryness, with the latter eventually winning.

Laphroaig 1960 Vintage Reserve
Single Malt - Scotland - 42.40%
8 There is something getting in the way. Woodiness?

Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 This famously smooth whisky seems slightly less sweet than I remember, especially in the nose and finish. Better balanced, but perhaps fractionally less distinctive.

Old Fitzgerald 12 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 Characterful, but not an easy whisky on the basis of this bottling. Bitterness seems to have gained a notch at the expense of the fudge flavours. Water brings it back, but not all the way.

Old Forester 86 Proof Kentucky Bourbon
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 43.00%
7 Easy drinking, but worth more than a moment's thought.

Sam Houston Very Small Batch 10 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
7 An attractive, tawny, colour and a good, straight-ahead, whiskey. Could be more complex at ten years. Ideal with a Texas barbecue?

Scotch Malt Whisky Society 1972 Birthday Bottle
Single Malt - Scotland - 54.60%
8 Lovely chestnut colour. Soothing. After dinner and in front of a log fire. A touch woody, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society The Macallan 11 Years Old, 24.48
Single Malt - Scotland - 57.80%
7 It is always interesting to taste a Macallan that is less sherried than usual. This one could have been rounder.

Signatory Glendronach 1976 Cask Strength
Single Malt - Scotland - 53.10%
7 An enjoyable malt, but Glendronach is capable of more.

Talisman Blended Scotch Whisky
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
7 Bigger in body than flavour, but with some complexity and an excellent balance.

The Glenlivet 30 Years Old American Oak Finish
Single Malt - Scotland - 48.00%
8 Who would have thought that finishing in American oak could add so much? The Glenlivet character is showcased not overwhelmed.

Very Old Barton 6 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 43.00%
7 I remember this whiskey being more flowery and dry – and thinner.

Virginia Gentleman 90 Proof Small Batch Bourbon
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
7 Less characterful than the Virginia Gentleman I remember, but still quite distinctive.

W.L. Weller 12 Years Old
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 45.00%
8 Lots of layers. A great dessert whiskey. Thanksgiving dinner?

Wild Turkey 80
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 40.00%
8 No fancy tricks here but a big, complex, regular bourbon.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
Bourbon - U.S.A. - 50.50%
8 My descriptors make it sound like a dessert whisky, but it is also very appetising. Just a tad too sophisticated for me.

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