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Issue 21 - File under easy listening

Whisky Magazine Issue 21
February 2002


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File under easy listening

Dave Broom joins the rank and file as a late, late discussion reveals hidden treasures about life, the universe and where to find Iggy pop chez Broom

One of the hazards of this job is waking up in the morning to find a scrap of paper – sometimes it's a napkin, occasionally a beer mat – next to the bed with vaguely familiar writing on it. Somewhere in the fugged up recesses of memory is the recollection of that last conversation the night before, the one in which the world's problems were solved yet again. The only problem is, the writing is an indecipherable scrawl. That's whisky for you – on one hand it has the unrivalled ability to solve the most intractable of problems, on the other when you write the solution down you can guarantee it won't make any sense in the morning.

Anyway, it was one of those. At least I could read it. A paper serviette with the following scrawled on it: Capt. Beefheart = B, Led Zeppelin = L, Iggy = I, caramel. Aha! Derrida! I thought … Then it began to trickle back. UDV's Jim Beveridge, Dr Morgan and I talking of film, Nick Hornby and music, as we do.

The conversation had turned to filing systems. It was late, very late. I was telling them how I had a running argument with my wife over where to put Iggy Pop. My preference is for I, because he's Iggy. Jo always puts the record back under P because she argues “to me he is always Mr. Pop”. Beefheart is under B because it would be absurd to file records under people's rank.

Jim was bemused. Actually, come to think of it, he seemed genuinely disturbed. “I'm really worried about you,” he said. “Putting Capt. Beefheart under B, L...

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