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Whisky Magazine Issue 30

Whisky Magazine Issue 30

Whisky Magazine Issue 30

In this issue - Best whiskies in the world - The whisky academy - Pronounciation

Published April 2003

Beyond the finish line
Dave Broom considers what kind of innovation is good for whisky

April 2003, Issue 30, page

The Miller's Tale
One aspect of the readership of Whisky Magazine that I have never fully appreciated is that so many of you are excellent proof-readers. What was intended as a light-hearted joke – or, as regular Wh...

April 2003, Issue 30, page 5

Toast of the town
Michael Jackson explains why he's being toasted in Wellington

April 2003, Issue 30, page 7

Putting a face to a dram
The Whisky Academy Awards are an attempt to recognise some of the people who have excelled in the whisky industry in the last year. Dominic Roskrow presents this year's winners

April 2003, Issue 30, page 16

Blender of the year: Richard Paterson of Kyndal
Last year's winner strolled it this time round, winning an overwhelming proportion of the votes cast. Not surprising really – for what Richard has continued to bring to blending in the last year is ...

April 2003, Issue 30, page 18

Distiller of the year: Diageo
There were many entrants for this category, some obvious, some not so. The award is meant to be for an individual, but a clear trend started to emerge – there was a regular stream of votes for Diage...

April 2003, Issue 30, page 19

Whatever happened to the heroes?
Some of the great whisky brands have remained popular, others have all but disappeared. Why? Tom Bruce-Gardyne investigates

April 2003, Issue 30, page 26

In a Word...
Just exactly how doyou pronounce the name of that whisky you're so keen on? Pip Hills guides you through some Gaelic, Scots and Nordic basics

April 2003, Issue 30, page 30

Muscial Spirits
Martine Nouet profiles two talented singer/songwriters in the world of whisky: Robin Laing and Norma Munro

April 2003, Issue 30, page 34

Uncorking a debate
‘To cork, or not to cork', that is the question, as Federico Valori explains

April 2003, Issue 30, page 38

Encounter of two great spirits
Martine Nouet reports back on the exquisite creations of Michelin-Star chef Alain Passard, paired with expressions of Glenfiddich

April 2003, Issue 30, page 44

A life of the unexpected
Jefferson Chase on Roald Dahl's unexpected endings, and how whisky featured in the work of a man famous for his children's books

April 2003, Issue 30, page 47

In search of excellence
Three continents, 40 outstanding whiskies, and more than 75 of the world's best tasters – Best of the Best 2003 was an event of epic proportions. Dominic Roskrowexplains why, and how, it happened

April 2003, Issue 30, page 49

What's in a name?
John Haydock congratulates himself on discovering the secret behind current whisky-naming trends

April 2003, Issue 30, page 82

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