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Issue 36 - Time to sort this out

Whisky Magazine Issue 36
December 2003


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Time to sort this out

Dave Broom launches a campaign for clear labelling

Initially, the trade appeared to take the Cardhu/dow switch with remarkable equanimity. Maybe it just took a long time for the penny to drop, for now we have “Outraged of Speyside” protesting long and loud about the whole affair.

The British nationals have even got hold of it. Knew fine well that the story wouldn't go away. Remember where you read it first kids!
Whle the vatting of Cardhu isn't dragging whisky's reputation through the mire as some suggest, it does set a precedent. How other distillers act upon this will determine whether it is a dangerous one or not.

There have been views aired which call into question the decision to sell the vatted Cardhu under the same name as the single malt, the argument being that it could make consumers assume that all malts could be vatted.

Agree with that or not, it touches on the central issue, namely that this isn't about vatted malts, but about labelling. Specifically it centres around the use of the word “pure.”

I was in Switzerland the other week and saw bottles of Glen Grant “pure malt” next to Cardhu “pure malt”, next to Glenlivet “pure single malt”.
Which one of these is vatted? How can a consumer know? Just as you think things can't get any weirder along comes Bell's with its new vatted malt expression and guess what the label says?

”A rich blend of pure malts”. Can someone tell me what the hell that means? Once you've stopped laughing that is.

I can't imagine the Scottish Whisky Associat...

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