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Issue 45 - You asked for it....

Whisky Magazine Issue 45
January 2005


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You asked for it....

‘Ritchie Blackmore' steps up to the mark at the last minute and gives his view of the world

It's Christmas here and I'm not happy. Yes, I'm well aware that by the time you read this the festive season will be a long forgotten memory and if you happen to be reading this in America, you're
well on your way to the next holiday season.

But try and picture the scene. I'm at home minding my own business, desperately seeking excuses for not going Christmas shopping and avoiding the children, who are displaying all the symptoms of hysteria and are likely to explode before the weekend, and the editor of this magazine calls to say he's been let down and could I provide a column at the last moment.

I had to say no because I'm a bit above this sort of thing these days. But there's nothing worse than hearing a grown man cry, so in the spirit of the season I reluctantly agreed.

Now before we go on, I need to point out a few things.

Firstly, the name at the top is a pseudonym. I nicked it from the remarkably talented and sadly semi-retired rock legend who played guitar for Deep Purple and Rainbow, and whose philosophies I try to live my life by.

It was he who said, for instance, that he was the sort of bloke who would be a natural leader in the event of a nuclear attack, but couldn't handle it if his bacon was cooked wrong at breakfast.

I can relate to that. Except quite who you'd lead after a nuclear attack and against what, has troubled me for some years now. Oh, and I can't stand bacon.

Otherwise, though, he has a point.

The other thing I want to point out is that I'm u...

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