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Issue 5 - Glenweevil an everyday story of distilling folk 5

Whisky Magazine Issue 5
August 1999


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Glenweevil an everyday story of distilling folk 5

The story so far: Kevin accidentally stole a lorryload of Glenweenvil, and had to hide it at the distillery. The stolen whisky was passed off by Ruth as a newly-discovered stash of pre-war Glenweevil. After suitable doctoring withother malots it was sold as Glenweevil Limited Releaese. Kevin was subsequently arrested by Sergeant Maclean, and his release has been engineered by Ruth. Now read on...

Andrew here. Young Kevin slouched into my office this morning. I observed that there was no need for him to knock, but I fear the comment was wasted on him.

‘You're pleased to be out, I daresay,' I said, referring to his recent period as a guest of Sergeant MacLean at the station. He kicked the filing cabinet.

‘Would have got out anyway, wouldn't I? Effing stupid.' He flung himself into a chair and tilted it on to its back legs.

‘There seemed to be some fairly substantial evidence against you,' I observed.

He grinned nastily. ‘Didn't look so good for you, either, did it? Gave you a bit of a fright,

did I?'
‘You made me doubt the wisdom of having you on the premises, certainly. If you should pass Jock on your way out, would you tell him I need to have a word with him?'

‘Jock's busy,' he said. ‘He's doing something for me. Me and my mate Eddie. Eddie who you call Sergeant MacLean, that is. Yeah, we're in business together. Did me mam not tell you? Oh dear, I see she didn't. You gotta train your staff better, Andrew. Communications is the secret of the successful company. Yeah, right.'

‘Oh, for Heaven's sake. I've got to write a report explaining away the extremely expensive purchase of some stinking old anchovy and balsamic vinegar casks. Now run away, there's a good chap.'

He'd hardly gone when Jock himself turned up. ‘I was waiting till the coast was clear,' he said.‘Is it ever?' I said.

‘So how, in your humble opinion, would you make a red wh...

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