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Issue 53 - A cut (or two) above the rest

Whisky Magazine Issue 53
January 2006


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A cut (or two) above the rest

After reading this disturbing Scotland-based offering from Christopher Brookmyre you'll never look at school reunions the same way again says Jefferson Chase.

If you're looking for an inventive excuse not to attend your next class reunion, then Christopher Brookmyre's One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night is your source. A winner of the Critics' First Blood Award and a Macallan Short Story Dagger, the Glasgow native crammed his 1999 novel with dead animals, body parts falling from the sky and homicides carried out with a dazzling array of tools and appliances.

The carnage gets on its merry way with a group of mercenaries – incompetent mercenaries, mind you – rehearsing for a big operation on the Isle of Islay. Preparations aren't going well.

A second later there came the unmistakable sound of a shot being fired from the cattleshed, followed by a crash of splintering wood.

Dawson looked at Connor accusingly.

“I know we're out in the middle of nowhere, Bill, but do the words ‘clandestine' or ‘discrete' mean anything to you?” Connor bit his tongue and stomped purposefully towards the entrance, almost grateful to have some idiot to take it all out on.

‘This isn't a bloody firing range,' he began shouting, then had to dive for the floor as a volley of bullets pinged through the massive, side-rolling corrugated iron door… Abad start to a mission that will see the bumbling soldiers of fortune try to storm and pacify an off-shore oil rig.

An off-shore oil rig? Well, a disused platform, converted into a mobile floating resort for loutish tourists who want to take vacations in an artificial environment where everythin...

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