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Issue 58 - There to be broken

Whisky Magazine Issue 58
August 2006


This article is 11 years old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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There to be broken

Dave finds a high flying attitude to malt whisky at altitude

He was about to walk past me when he paused and offered me some bread. “And may I have some wine as well please?” I asked. He was holding the very bottle I wanted to try.

“This is from the Languedoc, sir,” he replied.

“Yes, thank you, I'd like to try it if I may.” “I have a Bordeaux sir. It is the one to go with your meal.” “But... I'd like to try the Languedoc please.” He stiffened with disapproval and stood in front of me.

My two glasses were empty.

“Which one for wine and which for water?” he asked.

“This one is my wine glass,” I indicated the one on my right. He began to try and pour the wine into the left hand one. “No, that's the water glass,” I offered, helpfully.

“But sir,” he said. “The normal way is for the wine glass to be on the right and the water to be on the left.” “It is,” I replied. “You're facing me.” He huffed, poured it into the ‘wrong' glass and flounced (there can be no other word) off.

If I hadn't been strapped into my seat I would have followed him and, as we say in Glasgow, had a wee word.

Then again, I reasoned, air travel makes the best of us slightly ratty which is probably one reason we are all strapped in. In any case I had the wine.

I'd (almost) forgotten about it when the dessert came round. “A digestif, perhaps?” The smile was thin.

“Do you know, I will. A malt whisky please.” He looked at the trolley. “We have Cognac, Armagnac, Eaux de vie, Calvados... a whisky liqueur.”...

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