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Issue 69 - A fulfilling time

Whisky Magazine Issue 69
January 2008


This article is 10 years old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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A fulfilling time

Owning your own cask of malt is arguably the ultimate whisky experience. Having selected his cask type Dominic Roskrow travelled to Glengoyne to fill it with new spirit.

We're a motley crew for sure. Bleary-eyed, wet, bedraggled. Expectant and excited. And undoubtedly as happy as any human being has the right to be.

We've only known each other a few hours but we've shared a meal together, consumed considerable amounts of fine whisky, put the world to rights and argued about the merits of defensive rugby during the recent world cup (to the bemusement of the European contingent among us).

Now we're standing in a constant and persistent drizzle wrapped up in anoraks on a dull winter's day. And you know what? None of us could care less.

In fact, I don't think any of us has noticed. For in a moment we are going to put down our glasses of Glengoyne Cask Owners' Malt and one by one we're going to fill a cask with new make spirit and embark on a journey that will bind us together for the next decade or more.

Filling your own cask of whisky with a group of other people is like adopting a new family. They're your oak folk, your cask mates, people who now share a special birthday with you and who you're already planning to meet up with on anniversaries years hence.

And you share with them that smug knowledge that one day you might swap drams and debate whose cask performed best. And of course it'll be yours.

I'd been looking forward to this day for weeks, ever since I sat down one summer evening and tasted cask samples to select my cask. And there was plenty to be excited about: Glengoyne is a small, pretty and friendly distillery; it makes whisky...

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