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Whisky Magazine Issue 73

Whisky Magazine Issue 73

Whisky Magazine Issue 73

In this issue - Beautiful Bourbon - Highland Park hits 40 - Balblair - Glenrothes - Tobermory - Auld Reeke - Prince Charles - Caol Ila - Glenmorangie and much more...

Published July 2008

Welcome to Whisky Magazine
It has been a busy few weeks here at Whisky Towers with some wonderful whiskies coming into the office and plottings happening for the various Whisky Lives around the world. One great event I had the...

July 2008, Issue 73, page 5

A tale of two distillers
Dave reflects on recent changes announced in the whisky industry.

July 2008, Issue 73, page 12

4 Roses blooming
As most American whiskeys look overseas for new drinkers, Four Roses finds its growth back home. Charles Cowdery investigates.

July 2008, Issue 73, page 14

New Jack in town
Dominic Roskrow fires 20 of the best latest in the line of Jack Daniel's master distiller's, Jeff Arnett

July 2008, Issue 73, page 20

Growing old gracefully
Rob Allanson gets an exclusive peek behind the scenes to see how you launch a mature whisky.

July 2008, Issue 73, page 24

That's the spirit
In the second of two articles on stills,Ian Wisniewskilooks at the critical role of the spirit still during the second distillation

July 2008, Issue 73, page 29

Giant killers
Gavin D Smithdelves intothe history of Dunville & Co's Royal Irish Distilleries

July 2008, Issue 73, page 32

In the latest in our series on whisky terms we reach the letter S.In the first of two parts,we look at American whiskey's use of the letter.

July 2008, Issue 73, page 33

Border store
Joe Bates heads across the American border

July 2008, Issue 73, page 34

Ask the expert
I have a bottle of Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet intact and in very good condition and good level just above the neck of the bottle,dated 1907. Is it possible to tell me what it might beworth? C.Brou...

July 2008, Issue 73, page 37

Crossing the lines
If you fancy visiting some unusual distilleries,why not base yourself in a town and take in the tourist sites too? Here we pick four base camps

July 2008, Issue 73, page 38

Flying the flag
Sweden has always been serious about its whisky but now it has a distillery of its own that it can be truly proud of Dominic Roskrow visited Mackmyra.

July 2008, Issue 73, page 42

Whisky's future
We look at some of the pressing issues affecting whisky

July 2008, Issue 73, page 47

Strengthening Royal ties
We report on HRH Prince Charles' visits to two distilleries

July 2008, Issue 73, page 48

Irish giant
Dave Broom concludes his indepth investigation of the Irish whiskey industry

July 2008, Issue 73, page 52

Roll up for the bbq
Charles Cowdery lights for the fires for a perfect day out.

July 2008, Issue 73, page 56

Bangkok bound
Jefferson Chase looks at a classic tale of Buddhist vengeance.

July 2008, Issue 73, page 75

“It's a very physical job. You're using shoulders, forearms and your back”
Ian Wisniewski talks with Michael Jamieson,the longest serving cooper at The Edrington Group's Clyde Cooperage.

July 2008, Issue 73, page 76

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July 2008, Issue 73, page 78

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Glenmorangie Astar
Single Malt - Scotland - 57.10%
8 A gorgeous,luscious dram. ‘Morangie to the max.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Ardbeg Rennaissance
Single Malt - Scotland - 55.90%
8 Everything here has been reduced to elemental levels. A nice circle completed.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Karuizawa 1971 Cask No 6878
- Japan - 64.10%
8 Should only be consumed in small amounts by consenting adults. Highest recommendation

Aberlour 10 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 43.00%
The overall effect is a little forced as if it's trying to appear older than it actually is. A wee boy in his Dad's suit.

Auld Reekie 10 Years Old
- Scotland - 46.00%
7 Underplayed and understated and all the more interesting for it. Aperitif.

Boisdale Islay (Laphroaig)
- Scotland - 46.00%
8 Ordered and enjoyable.

Boisdale Speyside (Mortlach)
- Scotland - 46.00%
7 An uncompromising malt which demands a cigar..or two. Love it,or leave it,this one won't care. The best of the Boisdale trio.

Cardhu 12 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
Balanced if not hugely complex.

Duncan Taylor Lonach Glenrothes
- Scotland - 42.70%
7 Reminds me of gentlemen's coconut oil shaving cream. If you like that,you'll love this.

Famous Grouse 12 Years Old
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
A big-boned dram for those markets who want things sweet.

Glen Grant No Age Statement
- Scotland - 40.00%
Have it long with ice,soda or ginger. Lacks the character you'd want from a single malt,but a pleasant drink.

Glengoyne Glenguin Shiraz Cask Finish
- Scotland - 48.00%
6 More of a fruit squash than a whisky, but use it as a delicious,ready-mixed summer drink.

Glenmorangie 10 Years Old
- Scotland - 40.00%
A perfectly sound,easy-going,sweet dram. Not a patch on ‘Original'(which of course is newer).

Johnnie Walker Green Label
Blended - Scotland - 43.00%
Multi-faceted,elegant and intriguing.

Karuizawa 1986 Cask No 7387
- Japan - 60.70%
7 Unreconstructed macho whisky

Laphroaig 10 Years Old
- Scotland - 40.00%
A peaty classic. Uncompromising yes, but great balance.

Matisse Old Blended Scotch Whisky
Blended - Scotland - 40.00%
6 “Old Blended/3 Years Old” Huh?

Talisker 10 Years Old
- Scotland - 45.80%
It's the sweetness that's the key here.

The Balvenie Double Wood
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
A class act and a finish which works.

The Glenlivet 12 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
Seems a little fatter on the palate than in the past,and none the worse for it.

The Macallan Sherry Oak
- Scotland - 40.00%
Glossy and polished. Big flavour rules here.

The Wee Dram Balblair 12 Years Old
- Scotland - 46.00%
7 Another great Balblair.

The Wee Dram Caol Ila 10 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 Precise and poised. Happy Birthday Wee Dram.

Tobermory 15 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.30%
7 Honest and well made.

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