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Whisky Magazine Issue 89

Whisky Magazine Issue 89

Whisky Magazine Issue 89

In this issue - Woodford Reserve - US micro distilleries - Glenlivet - WIN Four Days at Bowmore and much more...

Published July 2010

Welcome to Whisky Magazine
We are always going on about the fact that education is the key to gaining the consumer's mind, but sometimes I wish there was a standard script out there and people stuck to it. Often I feel that th...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 5

Get focussed with Bowmore
If you needed any more incentive to get out there snapping, Bowmore has come up with a superb series of prizes.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 6

Fit for heroes Former Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson, returned recently to his home island of Islay and the Ardbeg Distillery to receive a special bottling of Ardbeg on behalf of the ex-Se...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 6

The Art of Whisky
Stephen Notman Reports from Whisky Live Shanghai.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 9

The numbers game
Dave Broomand the latest age campaign from Chivas Bros.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 12

Yearning for whisky
Chris Bunting is a thirty-something British journalist living and working in Tokyo. He runs, a website about Japanese whisky, and spent last year traveling around Japan's distilleries and...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 13

Let a thousand distilleries Bloom
A recent buy-out suggests that the American micro-distillery revolution means business. Charles K. Cowdery reports.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 14

Having it large
One of the world's biggest just got bigger. Liza Weisstuch reports on the Glenlivet expansion.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 18

The liquid future
Woodford Reserve has been testing American whiskey's boundaries with its annual Master's Collection releases. Charles K. Cowdery got an exclusive glimpse of what might be in store for the future.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 25

Keep it in the family
Once upon a time it was natural to pass a business down through the generations. Now, though, they are fewer jobs for life and lots of alternatives. Dominic Roskrow speaks to some whisky folk who have...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 26

The wild wild west
Touring the pretty west coast of Scotland? Gavin D. Smith looks at what's on offer for the whisky enthusiast.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 30

Still mourning
Tamdhu is the latest distillery to be mothballed. Gavin D. Smith reports.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 34

Art of distilling
Ian Gray travels the world painting distilleries – and he's truly left his mark on the world of whisky. Dominic Roskrow reports.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 35

Fashion Invasion
Joe Bate reports on how whiskey arrived in style at Belfast City.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 36

Mix and mash
Ian Wisniewski asks what the term ‘mashbill' means, and what significance this has for bourbon.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 38

Standing out from the pack
Cragganmore is an anomaly – a maverick Speysider chosen by its owners to represent the Speyside region, a quiet and complex malt produced at a distillery in the shadow of the mighty and getting migh...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 40

The Jewel of Taiwan
Charles MacLean finds out more about the island's first distillery.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 46

Ice cold in Tokyo
With Japanese bar culture increasingly influencing many of Europe's leading mixologists, so there is no better time to discover some of the unique ways to enjoy the country's whisky too. Neil J. Ridle...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 50

Festival Takes Off
Our man gets to the heart of the Islay Whisky Festival and uncovers some gems.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 57

Ruling the world
Albert Roux is one of the world's greatest chefs, and he has a fondness for whisky. Gavin D. Smith reports.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 62

Join the debate
The Spey way My issue of Whisky Magazine 87 May/June 2010 arrived in my post this morning. I was in chuffed to see the article about walking the Spey Way. I wrote about my walking down the Spey start...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 78

Leaving the city
Jefferson Chase heads for the ‘burbs.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 79

Ask the expert
I have an unusual bottle of Scotch, no knowledge of whisky or collecting it, and thought you might know if I have anything out of the ordinary. In 1986 I was working as an aircraft mechanic for an air...

July 2010, Issue 89, page 80

Jonny McCormick reports on the year's top priced bottle and salutes Glenmorangie's gains.

July 2010, Issue 89, page 82

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Glenfarclas 40 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
8 Fantastic nose, but loses it on the palate.

English Whisky Co Chapter 9
Single Malt - England - 46.00%
7 Well made spirit but maybe a more active cask would push it forward slightly faster. But then maybe I'm just a little impatient.

Glenglassaugh 26 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 Has a certain louche charm to it.

Mackmyra Brukswhisky
Single Malt - Sweden - 41.40%
7 This is Mackmyra's delicacy stretched to the max.

Mackmyra Special 04 Double Dip Bourbon
Bourbon - Sweden - 53.00%
7 Delicate but with real personality.

The Tweeddale Blend 10 Years Old - Batch 1
Blended - Scotland - 46.00%
7 A new name but a well put together blend that's worth a punt.

Whistle Pig 10 Years Old Straight Rye
Rye - U.S.A. - 50.00%
7 It packs a wallop but too intense for me.

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