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Issue 91 - Join the debate

Whisky Magazine Issue 91
October 2010


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New Spirit
I'm very surprised that more has not been written about the latest trend for selling new make spirit especially as some of the leading perpetrators have long and distinguished histories (you tested half a dozen examples in Issue 88).

While I can understand that the attraction of selling young spirit may keep the accountants happy, is this really such a shrewd business move?

Who is the intended consumer the companies are aiming at and what, apart from generating extra income in the short term, is the point of it?

It would be interesting to know the thoughts of the Scotch Whisky Association on the subject and whether they have set out any rules or guidelines that are to be followed. While lovers of whisky might be tempted to sample the spirit as a bit of an experiment is it not the case that once tasted most customers are unlikely to go back for more.

Indeed, I would have thought that there is a real danger that tasting new spirit may put some people off real, matured whisky for good.

If the marketing of new make spirit is to continue, surely industry agreement on the way forward is an imperative.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against companies selling new make, just concerned that unless a great deal of care is taken any financial gain may be short lived and the quality image of Scotch Whisky sullied.

Jim Brown Blyth Bridge, Peeblesshire, Scotland

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