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Whisky Magazine News - The Japanese Have A Delightful Way To Keep Out The Cold

Mon 05 Nov 2012

The Japanese Have A Delightful Way To Keep Out The Cold


London 5 November 2012: When heavy snow falls in Japan follow their example. Love it or hate it they celebrate with a cocktail that lifts the spirits, the Hibiki Taisetsu. Within the 24 Japanese seasons Taisetsu means ‘The big snow’.

Hibiki Taisetsu
40ml Hibiki 17 year old whisky
20ml Umeshu plum sake
2 drops chocolate bitters
20ml hot water
Orange zest

Stir all ingredients with green tea
Double strain into warm balloon glass
Place tea (flower) in old fashioned glass, top up with hot water
Place balloon glass on top to retain warmth.

Mid December is the time of the winter solstice, for which the Japanese have a name and a celebratory cocktail - Yamazaki Toji. With a cocktail created for each of the 24 Japanese seasons they don’t mind if time flies.

Yamazaki Toji
50ml Yamazaki 12 year old whisky
15ml Mandarine Napoleon
6ml Absinthe
Brown sugar, vanilla pod, cinnamon, cloves, anis star and orange peel

Light 25ml of the whisky and all other ingredients for 15 seconds
Heat rest of whisky in a balloon glass, add first mix to balloon glass, leave flamed for 5 seconds
Cover glass with napkin to extinguish flame

Both cocktails are from a range of 24 seasonal cocktail recipes created by Zoran Peric, Suntory Brand Ambassador, to bring that inner glow in a month of cold and snow.

Suntory Japanese whiskies are world beaters having won more than 60 international awards since 2003 and whisky lovers have taken to them. There is something about their subtle aromas and delicate flavours which appeals to the palate whether taken neat, over ice or in cocktails.

Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky and Hibiki 17 Year Old Blended Whisky are firm favourites in Japan and here in Europe. Enjoy them and the warm glow that comes with the Yamazaki Toji and Hibiki Taisetsu cocktails.

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