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Whisky Magazine News - World Whisky Taste

Fri 09 Nov 2012

World Whisky Taste

If there is one thing that seems to unite most of the world it is a love for single malt Scotch whisky. However it’s surprising how tastes differ from country to country. Leading online whisky specialist, send Scotch to over 100 different countries every year and their sales show some real differences in taste.

Managing Director of Duncan Ralph explains “Our biggest export market is the USA and there we see a real love for Speyside and Highland single malts. Well-known brands like Glenlivet, Glenfiddich and Dalmore are very popular but the favourite brand for Americans recently has been Macallan.”

Europe throws up more diversity though. The Swedes and the Danes love Islay single malts, in Sweden both Bowmore and Lagavulin are popular but Bruichladdich is favoured and in Denmark it’s Ardbeg that is most popular, having had a couple of limited edition releases this year. Of course Islay, along with the rest of the Scottish Hebridean islands, was once under Viking rule so perhaps that’s where the taste for Islay whisky comes from! The Germans aren’t quite as keen on the peated single malts with Dalmore and Macallan proving most in-demand again this year. The Italians have enjoyed Dufftown from Speyside and the Highland single malts from Fettercairn have been very popular in France.

Further afield, India is now a popular destination for single malts too. The big, well-known brands are top choice as you might expect but some of the smaller Lowland single malts have also sold well there, Auchentoshan and Littlemill in particular. For the first time, this year saw sales to Peru where Dalwhinnie was the bestseller!

The top ten countries by sales and their most popular brand purchased are;
1. UK – Glendronach
2. USA – The Macallan
3. Australia – Edradour
4. Finland – Tobermory
5. Canada – AnCnoc
6. Denmark – Ardbeg
7. Italy – Dufftown
8. Sweden – Bruichladdich
9. China – BenRiach
10. Germany - Dalmore

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