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Ardbeg 10 Years Old Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 150

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Ardbeg 10 Years Old

10 Years Old
Scotch Whisky ~ Single Malt
10 years old
Produced at
Ardbeg Distillery
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Martine Nouet

Phenolic. Burning tyre. Soon covered by more marine scents. Something mineral, brown seaweeds, a light note of fragrant sea air. The distillery character shining.
Sweet and velvety. The peat comes through smoke and a dry sooty feel. A touch of smoked haddock.
Dry, sooty, fresh.
The same phenolic profile as in very young but more disciplined and rounder.

Dave Broom

Overtly peaty, sweeter than the Young One, lime marmalade, oak, floral, peat fire smouldering on the beach. With water, light soot and a balancing creaminess.
Sweet start. Phenols come in middle and towards the back, adding weight to the middle palate. Smoke moving into medicinal flavours.
Oatcake, smoke, lingering.
The feeling is of better integration and balance.
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