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Brands and Distilleries : Banff

Issue 153 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 153

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Banff 1966, 31 Years Old, Old Malt Cask
Single Malt - Scotland - 50.00%
7 Banff was never a classic, but it is an evocatively old-fashioned Highland malt, and it has stood up reasonably well to great age.

Cadenhead's Banff 24 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 58.30%
6 The best Banff I have tasted. Shows its age but the finish reveals real depth and staying power.

Chieftain's Choice Banff 1978, Sherry Wood
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 Too burnt and dry. Not for everyone. Reminds me of a particular espresso and grappa, standing outside the Arsenale, on a winter's morning.

Chieftain's Choice Banff 1979, Aged 23 Years
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 I thought this whisky had died in the bottle, but water brought it back to life.

Whisky Magazine - Editors Choice - Winner

Old Malt Cask Banff 32 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 50.00%
8 What a lovely wee dram! Gentle, fragrant,open and lively. So comforting.

Signatory Silent Stills Banff 34 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 50.10%
7 Just too woody for me.

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Now you can find both of John Rose's superb articles about collecting whisky in one place. In collections,he looks at some of the latest bottles to come up at auction. In questions,he fields your enqu...

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Welcoming a Weary Traveller
Joel Harrisongoes in search of a few bars in the Speyside region that offer some of the best hospitality and drams

October 2012, Issue 107, page 46

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Banff 18yo Cadenhead 18
Lions Whisky
Banff 1966 2015 Rare Old
Banff 1966 31 Year Old Old Malt Cask
The Whisky Exchange
Banff 1966 Rare Old 2015
The Whisky Barrel
Banff 1971 2008 37 Year Old Dead Whisky Society 3cl Sample
Banff 1974 Bot.1980s Connoisseurs Choice
The Whisky Exchange
Banff 1974 Connoisseurs Choice 1974
Lions Whisky
Banff 1974 Samaroli 1974
Lions Whisky
Banff 1976 Connoisseurs Choice 2005
The Whisky Barrel
Banff 1977 24yo Silver Seal 24 1977
Lions Whisky
Banff 1980 23 Year Old Duncan Taylor
The Whisky Exchange
Banff 1980 26 Year Old Duncan Taylor
The Whisky Exchange
Banff 1982 21 Yo Rare Malts 21 1982
Lions Whisky
Banff 37 Year Old 1971 Dead Whisky Society
The Whisky Barrel
Banff 38 Year Old 1975 Cask 1028 Tantalus Duncan Taylor 3cl Samp 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Banff 40 Year Old 1975 Old & Rare
The Whisky Barrel

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