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Brands and Distilleries : Convalmore

Issue 153 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 153

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Convalmore 1960, Rare Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 40.00%
7 Try it with a book at bedtime.

Convalmore 28 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 57.90%
7 Interesting, not very well balanced but enjoyable on a cold frosty morning (or after having vacuum cleaned !).

Convalmore 32 Years Old Special Release
Single Malt - Scotland - 48.20%
7 The wood just didn’t give much; lacks the diversity of avours.

Cadenhead's Convalmore 1977, 21 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 64.40%
7 The best Convalmore I have tasted, with the typically big, fruity syrupiness. After dinner.

Dun Bheagan Convalmore 1975 28 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 46.00%
7 Ascetic. Complex. Cosmopolitan.

Old Malt Cask Convalmore 30 Years Old 1976
Single Malt - Scotland - 50.00%
7 Shows maturity but very front loaded.

Rare Malts Convalmore 24 Years Old
Single Malt - Scotland - 54.90%
8 The second good Convalmore I have tasted. It was not highly rated in its lifetime, but could win friends now.

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