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Elijah Craig 12 Years Old Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 150

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Elijah Craig 12 Years Old

Elijah Craig
12 Years Old
American Whiskey ~ Bourbon
12 years old
Produced at
Heaven Hill Distillery
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Martine Nouet

Tangy. Nutty. Sweet and sour. Candy floss. Unsweetened apples. A distinct pepperiness. In the back, a cereal and grassy note.
Sweeter and less creamy than expected. Gently flowing. Develops on drier oaky notes. Liquorice. Nutmeg.
Dry, liquoriced. Inclining to bitterness.
Oak (and age) has lessened the creaminess and sweetness of the spirit. Would probably tune in with a cigar, but too oaky for me.

Dave Broom

Sweet and dense. Apricot jam, stewed fruits, charred oak. A cooperage smell of charring casks and oil. Custard, cedar and a little tobacco leaf.
Rounded. A very sweet start, liquorice, slight dip in the centre before spiced apple takes over on the finish.
Sweet. Candy. Oak.
Another from the big-boned camp.
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