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Elijah Craig 18 Years Old Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 149

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Elijah Craig 18 Years Old

Elijah Craig
18 Years Old
American Whiskey ~ Bourbon
18 years old
Produced at
Heaven Hill Distillery
USA only

Michael Jackson

Subtle. Nutty. Almonds.
Light-bodied for this distillery. Firm, smooth, almost slippery. Lots of flavour development. Sweet then fragrantly smoky.
Rounded. Appetising.
Very urbane.

Jim Murray

A weighty nose with a depth of honey where there had once been fruit. Perplexing coastal feel for something distilled 1,000 miles inland!
Lighter bodied than the 12, with a more simplistic oakiness. Honey and rye cling together.
Toasty with a residual rye oiliness and a soft vanilla sweetness.
A solid and charming bourbon.
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