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Four Roses Single Barrel Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 153

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Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses
Single Barrel
American Whiskey ~ Bourbon
Produced at
Four Roses Distillery
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Chris Goodrum

Tight, raw aromas of subtle, oily corn, toffee and a chlorinated freshness. The oak vanillins are held in check by its edginess. Hints of crème caramel and orange marmalade.
Vanilla accented toffee ice cream and soft corn. The herbal rye emerges with a slight chlorinated edge. Biting, bitter spices on the middle; the rye ramps up the astringency.
Long, with the sweeter corn and vanilla balancing.
Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but it's entertaining. There's a real battle going on between the spirit and the oak.

Charles Montanaro

Butterscotch and apples with a touch of pine, heavy vanilla and praline, enticing and pleasant.
An interesting firmness to this Bourbon, well balanced. Leather, a touch of heather and a spice slowly shifting into a rich intense softness with oak being the king of the hill.
Lots of vanilla, a clean lingering oaky finish. Gorgeous!
Very enjoyable, clean, well pronounced and exactly as expected for a Bourbon.
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