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Four Roses Single Barrel Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 150

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Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses
Single Barrel
American Whiskey ~ Bourbon
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Michael Jackson

Lightly nutty. Lightly winey. Some appetising sweetness.
Light. Very winey. Falls away in the middle.
Very sweet. Treacle toffee. Nice and lingering.
Lacking in dimension for a single barrel. Saved by the finish.

Jim Murray

Small grains to the fore with a lovely malt-rye interplay. Fittingly delicate and floral.
Much denser on the palate, in fact surprisingly heavy. Roasty, burnt raisins a hint of coffee and burnt fudge. Unbelievably chewy.
More of the same, though the fade out is slow and tantalising.
Unquestionably the best bottles sample from this distillery I've tasted yet.
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