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Glenmorangie Original Tasting notes and reviews

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Whisky Magazine Issue 150

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Glenmorangie Original

Scotch Whisky ~ Single Malt
Produced at
Glenmorangie Distillery
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Michael Jackson

Very distinctive, clean, oaky peatiness. This character is in the background throughout.
Flowery. Fudgy. Toffeeish. Nutty. Very soft, strained spiciness. Then toasty and peaty.
Firm, clean (almost crisp), peatiness. Then long, very soft, spicy and remarkably warming.
Made when the distillery had its own maltings, and an eloquent advocate for such an arrangement.

Jim Murray

A lighter, more flowery aroma but still not lacking in mixed fruit. There is an ethereal quality to the vanilla-malt complexity.
Sweet and delightfully spicy at first, then becomes richer and oilier. Barley sugar sweetness and some creeping oak.
Wave upon wave of brilliant malt carresses the tastebuds: sometimes sweet, sometimes a little drier.
For my money the best Glenmorangie I have yet come across: complexity beyond belief. Truly outstanding.
Whisky Magazine Issue 6

Whisky Magazine Issue 6
Isaly tasting - Travels in Speyside & Kentucky - Talisker - Bourbon uncovered.

Published October 1999.

Whisky Magazine Editors Choice

Whisky Magazine

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