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Brands and Distilleries : Hakushu

Issue 143 Out Now

Whisky Magazine Issue 143

We discover the Wadden Isles, explore the spirit of collaboration behind Glenmorangie's latest expression and look at mizunara casks



Hakushu 12 Years Old
Single Malt - Japan - 43.00%
7 What you nose is not what you get. The palate is rather coarse as much as the nose is subtle. Water cuts the edges.

Hakushu 12 Years Old
Single Malt - Japan - 43.00%
7 A perfectly balanced dram. Fruit and spices mingle gently.

Hakushu 12 Years Old
Single Malt - Japan - 43.00%
7 Delicacy to the fore. A breakfast dram.

Whisky Magazine - Recommended - Winner

Hakushu 12 Years Old Pure Malt
Single Malt - Japan - 43.00%
8 A beautifully structured, appetising, whisky. Captivating.

Hakushu 18 Years Old
Single Malt - Japan - 43.00%
7 Less sweet and fruity on the palate than the nose led you to expect. The balance is not there. Water makes it more bitter.

Hakushu 18 Years Old
Single Malt - Japan - 43.00%
7 A colourful character, lively and dancing on nose and palate.

Hakushu 18 Years Old
Single Malt - Japan - 43.00%
7 Another lighter one which only gets going in the middle of the mouth.

Hakushu 1982 Sherry Cask
Single Malt - Japan - 61.00%
7 I would love this whisky if it had a little less wood. I want to love it anyway, but in the end the wood defeats me.

Hakushu 1984 White Oak Cask
Single Malt - Japan - 61.00%
8 Its edgy assertiveness might bother aesthetes but I warm to a whisky that knows its own mind.

Hakushu 1988 Bourbon Cask
Single Malt - Japan - 61.00%
8 Lean, limber and characteristically smoky. A clear sense of Hakushu malt without heavy wood influence.

Hakushu 30th Anniversary Bottling
Single Malt - Japan - 43.00%
8 A beautifully composed whisky. No aggression, but a great sense of authority.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society 120.4 Tibetan Joss-Sticks and Polynesian Pork 1990 18 Years Old
Single Malt - Japan - 59.30%
7 The nose is a delight. To enjoy the palate,you have to be a wood freak.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Hakushu 1981, 21 Years Old, 120.1
Single Malt - Japan - 60.70%
8 A very enigmatic malt. Lighter in body but drier and more assertive in flavour than Yamazaki. A digestif.

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Hakushu 12 Year Old
Hakushu 12 Year Old
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Hakushu 12 Year Old 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
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Hakushu Distillery Reserve
Hakushu Sherry Cask 2013 3cl Sample
Master of Malt
Suntory Hakushu 12 Year Old Sample
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The Whisky Exchange
Suntory Hakushu Distiller's Reserve
The Whisky Exchange
Suntory Hakushu Distiller's Reserve Sample
The Whisky Exchange
The Hakushu Distiller's Reserve
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The Hakushu Distillers Reserve
Master of Malt
The Hakushu Distillers Reserve 3cl Sample
Master of Malt

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